Lucy and Kiel

how we met

We actually met one of the first days of 6th grade. We grew up in the same town, but went to different elementary schools. For years, we were simply friends and it wasn’t until high school when we realized there was more there than just a friendship. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend at Junior prom! It was a great transition once we started dating since we had already known each other so well for all of those years.

how they asked

We had planned a friends trip to Breckenridge, Colorado because it is one of our favorite places in the world. On the day of the proposal, we all went to a nice brunch and then had planned to take photos after. To my surprise, when we took a picture together, he got down on one knee and the rest is history. I know he gave an amazing speech, but I can’t remember exactly what he said because I think I blacked out from pure happiness. When I look back on the day, my best friends were acting suspicious but I didn’t notice it at the time. He had planned the whole entire trip just for the proposal and even invited both of our families to join in on the celebration. He had our families hide behind bushes so they could watch the proposal happen and then surprise me right after! He truly did a perfect job of planning everything with the help of our amazing friends. It was such a special moment that I will cherish forever.

Special Thanks

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