Lucy and Geza

How We Met

We met in college 5 years ago, & quickly became best friends. I never thought that a few years later I would be engaged to the man of my dreams.

how they asked

September 14th, 2017 we flew out to Los Ángeles to surprise my mom for her birthday and celebrate my birthday as well. Not realizing I would be surprised too! He had it all planned out, knowing my mom would throw a party to celebrate our birthdays. So it was the perfect time to do it, our friends & my entire family was present.

He knew how much it would mean to me for my parents to be present & experience that moment with us. It was perfect, he went up with so much courage in the middle of the party took a mic & asked the DJ to play our song (Can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley). I went up thinking he was just singing for me & then he took a knee & began explaining all the reasons he had fallen in love with me.

Since our first date at Taco Bell, he knew we were meant to last forever (it wasn’t really a date!) In that moment I felt as if I had just run a marathon. Of course, I said yes. What I loved about that moment was even though there was so much noise from the party it felt like it was just me & him in the spotlight and everything we’ve ever been through was worth it. The God-fearing, honest, hardworking, caring, man I had prayed for was asking me to spend forever with him.

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