Lucky and Ryan

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How We Met

When I consider how Ryan and I met and fell in love I think it’s best described as very slowly and then all at once. This feels most accurate because while a lot of people say they are marrying their best friend, I actually am.

Ryan and I began working together 9 years ago as front of house staff in a fine dinning restaurant. We began a friendship soon after that literally couldn’t not be measured by words. We shared a secret, intuitive language. We used pies as our token of appreciation. Our families becam extensions of our friendship. Ryan even gave the eulogy at my fathers funeral (he is a fantastic oreator and this was per my mother’s request). About two years ago we shared a moment together that was like the lights had been turned on for the first time, and we knew THIS was where we were intended to be. And we have walked beside each other every day since. We joke that it took 10 years for us to see what everyone else saw!

how they asked

About a year out, ryan said he wanted to plan a trip for the following summer. We would go to San Francisco for a week then fly to Mexico for another 6 days in the sun. Travel and experiencing new things is where our hearts are. We love the planning of an adventure almost as much as the adventure itself so for the next 12 months we dove in to blogs, pinned boards, planned hikes and made reservations for amazing restaurants. On the second day of vacation we did a hike to the cliffs of a secluded beach overlooking to pacific ocean. He asked to see the beach rocks I’d been picking up, then offered to show me the rocks he had found. He pulled out a diamond and sapphire ring (a gift from his mother!) and asked me to be his wife!! I laughed and cried and laughed!!! And then he told me the truth of this trip. It wasn’t just about the proposal. We had an appointment to be married at the San Francisco city hall that Thursday! Ryan even packed me two white dresses so my wordrobe would be handled. And the surprises kept coming! That night we had our engagement dinner at Bouchon in Yountsville where they made us feel like a million bucks. And as if this wasn’t all perfect enough, he sneakily asked my older brother (who lives in San Jose) to be our witness on the big day. Trust me, there were so many happy tears!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cliff over looking the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, Ca

Special Thanks

Maureen Ernst
 | We couldn’t have been engaged with out the gift of your ring!