Lucinda and Kristjan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Trolltunga, Norway

how they asked

Kristjan and I moved from Australia to Estonia together for a year in February.

We wanted to make the most of our summer in Europe and decided to do a two-month road trip around Europe!

Norway was always a must do destination for us both and early on in our relationship I mentioned to him how cool it would be to hike Trolltunga.

So here’s how it went down; we were on the road in Sweden, and the plan was to go straight to Holland from there but Kristjan surprised me and redirected us to Norway… he said we were going to climb Trolltunga on the eve of our 1st anniversary together and spend the night there so we could spend the sunrise of our anniversary there.

Trolltunga is a very demanding hike, so we were hiking up there for about 6hours and every step was so worth it! The scenery was absolutely breathtaking!

When we got to the top we pitched a tent for the night and promised not to go down to the “trolls tongue rock” until the morning.

So when the morning came we made our way to the rock, Kristjan was holding me from behind and directing me further out but then he let me go, I turned around to see where he had gone… and there he was! On one knee with a ring in hand!

Of course, I said YES!

Special Thanks

Mats Holborn