Lucinda and Eddie

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How We Met

Almost 7 years ago, I was introduced to “a really nice guy”. I had just finished graduate school and was looking forward to beginning a new teaching job. He was a club DJ that spent several nights a week out til the wee hours of the morning. The early bird and the Night Owl. They say opposites attract right?

Although, our love story almost didn’t happen. Yes, he called. Yes, he asked me out. But on our “first date” as I was putting the last touches to the prefect date outfit, I got the phone call every girl dreads. He CANCELED! I don’t remember the excuse he used or what he exactly said. I just remember how mad I was! I was standing there all ready with no place to go. A couple days later, he called to set up another date, I accepted (benefit of a doubt right?). And what do you know? He CANCELED once again!

That should have been the end of it. I should have never given him another chance. But, there was something about him. We finally went on that first date all the way back in 2010. Three months after that first date, at a wedding, Eddie whispered in my ear and asked me to be his girlfriend. I happily accepted.

We have experienced almost everything while being by each others side. Health scares, births, deaths, promotions, losses, long distances, tearful goodbyes and joyous reunions. Literally everything. But each and every one of those experiences have built and shaped our relationship into what it has become today.

And almost 7 years later here we are, I get to spend a lifetime with the man who won me over time and time again despite standing me up. Twice.


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how they asked


It was a regular Thursday. I teach First Grade and needless to say my little ones have given me a run for my money that day. I had called Eddie during my lunch in tears because everything that could have gone wrong that day had. I just wanted that day to be over with and hearing his voice always seemed to soothe me a little bit. He talked me down and reminded me that we had date night scheduled with my parents later on that night.

I got home from work totally drained to find his car already in my driveway. Everyone that knows Eddie knows he is always late! Always! So to see him early gave me some peace of mind. I walked in the door to him in front of his computer working on music per usual. Nothing strange. I went to change into some comfy clothes and try to unwind, but there Eddie was asking if we could take my beloved Dachshund, Diego, on a walk. I complained about how I had just got home from work, how I just had a bad day, how I just wanted to relax a little before we had to leave. But Eddie had already shown Diego his leash and that meant Diego had to go on a walk.

We started off on our walk as we had every other time. Totally normal. Eddie held Diego’s leash. I held Eddie’s hand. As we walked, we came upon a house in my neighborhood that had gone up for sale. Eddie asked me to grab a flyer from the sales post. As I grabbed the flyer and began reading over it, Eddie and Diego had taking off running down to the next block. A little strange. I watched them run down the street and didn’t even notice Eddie had bent down over Diego.

Eddie had turned around and began walking towards me with Diego leading the way. As Diego got closer and closer to me, I noticed a small pouch hanging from his collar. Why hadn’t I noticed it before? Had it been there from the beginning of our walk? When he finally ran up to me I bent down to him and begin to try to unhook it. As I tried to get it off, I kept asking “What is this?” over and over again. That’s when I turned the pouch around and noticed it said “Will you …?”Image 3 of Lucinda and Eddie

I began to cry. I turned around and Eddie was already on one knee. I knelt down with him as he asked me to be his wife. It was the most beautifully romantic day of my life. It was everything I could have asked for. The man I love and my little boy (Diego) right there in the moment I had waited 7 years for.

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