Lucie and Nicolas

Image 1 of Lucie and Nicolas

how we met

It’s somewhat of a fairytale story! We both came from the same city, Vannes, France. We even went to the same school, but we never really knew each other. Years later, in 2007 (when we were 20), we both moved to another city in Quimper to attend university. Unbeknown to one another, we enrolled in a similar course where we finally met. Love struck on New Year’s Eve in 2008. Shortly after, we decided to take the plunge, buy a house, and start a life together.

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how they asked

For my 27th birthday, Nicolas organized a romantic photo session for us in a nearby forest with a professional photographer. I thought it was a beautiful idea, and I was very touched!

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After a lovely lunch together, we arrived in the early afternoon to meet the photographer. We made our way to a medieval chapel full of character and history. It was magical. Towards the end of the shoot, much to my surprise, Nicolas kelt to his knee with a glowing smile. I was in shock! He asked for my hand in marriage and I obviously said yes, although it took me a moment to say the words.

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Since then, we got married in May 2016 at the Basilique Sainte-Anne d’Auray and are expecting our first child this summer.

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