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How We Met

Anthony works as a rehab technician at a hospital in Grand Rapids, and I met him my first day as a hospital volunteer. I was worked once a week for thirteen weeks, and was always looking for reasons to talk to him or find ways to spend time with him. We would usually see each other briefly in the halls, and he would give me a task to do and I would find a way to gently tease him. By the end of my thirteen-week volunteering session I had told all my friends about him, and they convinced me to find a way to ask for his number. When I didn’t see him in the hospital during my shift on the last day I figured it wasn’t “meant to be,” but we crossed paths in the parking lot as I was leaving. I asked what the best way to reach him would be if I wanted to get in touch in the future and he said “you can find me on Facebook.” I thought that surely meant he was not interested and felt so embarrassed! I decided that I was going to wait for a while before “friending” him so I wouldn’t come across as desperate. However, when I got onto Facebook later that day I already had a friend request from him. He realized as soon as he got into the hospital what I was trying to do, and he felt foolish for not catching on sooner! He had also developed a crush on me, but had been too shy to make any advances. We messaged back and forth for a few days before we set up our first date to meet for donuts at my favorite bakery.

how they asked

Anthony was born in Namibia (a small country in southwest Africa), and his parents, sisters, and extended family all still live there. We made plans to go see them for a week, where I would meet them all for the first time. Before we left Anthony told his mom that he had been thinking about proposing while we were there on two conditions: 1. he could find a ring, and 2. he could find a way to include my parents. The day that we landed his parents took us to a mall because his mom said that we needed to find a baby gift for his cousin and pick up a few groceries before heading to his grandparents’ house. Anthony and his dad split from us when we got there, which I thought nothing of since we were going to a baby store, and I assumed they wanted to spend some time alone together to catch up. However, Anthony and his dad actually went to a jeweler in the mall that his cousin recommended. Anthony bought the last ring his saw, and had it in his pocket when they met up with us at the market. A few days later his mom said that she had planned a “girls day” for us to get our hair and nails done while Anthony and his dad went golfing, but I needed to wear something nice because we were going to get family pictures taken at the end of the day and then go out for a nice dinner. I suspected nothing the entire day (or the entire trip)! When we got to the park for pictures the photographer first took pictures of everyone together, and then said that she would take pictures of the couples. After she took a few of Anthony and us, he asked his sisters to bring his jacket over, which is the first time I had any idea what was happening.

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He took the box out of the pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I could not say yes quickly enough. His sister had been holding a phone up, and I thought she had been snapchatting us to her friends. However, when she turned the screen around my parents were on the other end. She had Skyped them right before the proposal so they could watch the whole thing. It was truly the best moment of my entire life, and I was overwhelmed by love. The way both our families were involved, despite being an entire ocean away, is so meaningful. I cannot wait for the rest of our lives together!!

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