Luciana and Tom

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santorini, Greece

How We Met

Tommy and I first met while we were waiting in line during our grade 9 high school orientation. I didn’t know it at the time, but Tommy, years later, told me that was the first time he laid eyes on me and thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world. We had huge crushes on each other and only dated briefly in our early high school years. It wasn’t until the summer of 2014, when I was getting ready to go away for college, that Tommy messaged me on a random weekday asking to go out for drinks. I wanted to go away for school focused on my studies with no boyfriend or distractions, but deep down I knew the high school crush feeling lingered and I couldn’t believe he was reaching out. So I went – and it was as if we picked up from where we left off, we didn’t miss a beat. The very next day at work, when a best friend of mine asked how the date went, I told her that I would be marrying him and there was no going back.

How They Asked

We were vacationing in the beautiful islands of Greece with Tommy’s two brothers, his brother’s wife and my brother. It was our last night in Santorini as a group, before heading to different islands or countries, and reservations were made to have dinner altogether at an amazing restaurant to see us all off. The staff at the restaurant took us for a stroll around the grounds when we finally reached an intimate spot that had rose petals laying all over the floor and a beautifully set table for two.

I was so speechless I stopped at the top of the stairs and Tommy practically had to push me the rest of the way down because even though I now knew what was happening, I still couldn’t believe what was coming next. Tommy took my hand, and what seemed like a fairytale proposal only got better when he pulled out a box shaped just like a Ring Pop candy – just like the one he gave me on our first valentines as a gift saying it was “the ring he was proposing with”. I then proceeded to bawl like a baby and barely gave him a chance to finish before screaming yes and grabbing him for a kiss.

Where to Propose in Santorini, Greece

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