Luciana and TJ

Luciana's Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge

How We Met

TJ and I live down the street from each other, but ironically this isn’t a neighbor love story!

Both coming from large Italian families, TJ and I were intertwined in several ways. His sister and I began speaking first when I started my healthy food business and her a barre studio. TJ’s friend and my cousin got married a few years ago. My younger brother admired TJ for his sneaker collection and became friends with him a while before we started speaking as well. One summer day, TJ and I were going to the same concert. His sister always wanted us to get together, so she suggested I reach out to him at the concert. Me being me, I thought why not! However, at an outdoor venue with over 50,000 people and no service, it was pretty tough.

My friend had to use the restroom and TJ happened to be under the “palm tree” right outside of it. Several hours hanging out, an uber back to our hometown together and several dates later, we both knew it was meant to be!

how they asked

Having a cafe, it’s very hard for us to make plans during business hours. We always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and had planned to go on Saturday, October 28. The scheduling was off that day and I had second thoughts. TJ insisted we leave two hours early and go when it was still beautiful out. His two friends also joined (the ring holder and photographer)! I was skeptical of the situation, but still pretty unsure. TJ’s favorite part about going to the city is $1 pizza. He still got it to try to act like a normal day before we cabbed to the bridge!!!

Once we got to the bridge, I took a photo of TJ and his friends and then it was our turn (in the bike lane, very fitting for us). While trying to pose for the picture, TJ was standing with his hands behind his back and said he had to ask me something before we took our picture. He proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and how I was his best friend. I like to overthink everything, but saying yes to the question to spend the rest of our lives together took no thinking at all!

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