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how we met

I still cannot believe we made it here and that am writing our story to share with you. Who would say that coffee in Lincoln Road would end up with a ring on my finger and a promise to share our lives together???Scott and I met one year ago in Miami. I had been running around all morning between errands and had just dropped a package at a UPS in South Beach. I love coffee and started craving Starbucks, so I parked the car and went to the closest one. That is when I bumped into him. He was with a friend, but two seconds later the friend was gone and him and I were into a fun conversation, of course while enjoying our frapuccinos!! Anybody could tell there was attraction, but what I remember the most is how comfy I felt chatting and how, in such a brief time, he was already making me laugh, and still does, all the time. One week later, he was supposed to be back in town for the Miami Ironman. We chatted over the week and made plans to meet the day before the race. He showed me around all the race preparations, the stands, the circuit… loved it! I had never been part of a triathlon and truly valued his dedication and discipline. We were walking around the bay and I noticed him limping. He told me his foot was messed up and that he was concerned for the race. Well, as the doctor that I am, I start diagnosing his issue and got him some patches and topical anti-inflammatories to try to ease it out hoping it will help him tolerate the run. We went to dinner and had the best time! Unfortunately the following day he couldn’t run but, luckily for me, we met up in Lauderdale that afternoon and had another date. The rest is history, that is how we started dating.

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how they asked

In May we went to Argentina and had the best time of our lives. Wonderful places to visit and things to do, and he ended up meeting the whole family and my closest friends. For me that was huge. I knew he was the one. Seeing him how he behaved with my closest ones, how he talked about me, how he looked at me, reassured me there was no doubt he was and is the one for me and for life.When we came back we started talking more about family and engagements and stuff. He began asking about types of rings and venues and things I had in mind, but never gave me a real clue it was coming, so soon!!! He even took me to the Tiffany store to looks at options, but said it was to “have an idea”. One week after that I was supposed to have a photo shoot that I had to cancel because I got very sick. The idea of it was to get nice pictures for him since his birthday was coming in mid August. I had also gotten tickets for Guns n Roses concert in San Francisco the night before his birthday and found out his good friend was turning 50 the weekend before and also going to the concert, so perfect planning!So the trip comes. San Francisco is our favorite city here in the US. Scott tells me “ I have a surprise for you, since we never have nice pictures to frame and you couldn’t do the shoot, I have hired a really nice and great professional photographer to join us during brunch in Sausalito”. I thought it was a great idea and really didn’t give it analyze it much at the time. The weather was a bit tricky. Apparently Anna and Scott had been back and forth on the phone trying to arrange a place for us to meet since between the fog and wind was gonna make it hard.

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We ended up at Casa Matrona, where we had brunch and had Anna come meet us. She was super sweet and professional and said not to mind her that we should continue hanging out like if she wasn’t there so she could capture us naturally.That morning Scott had arranged a rental car and took a walk that apparently ended up at the apple store, or so he said. When he came to the hotel he had brought a little Apple baggie with him, that knowing myself and how curious I am, am still surprised I didn’t ask nor pick what he got. Anyway, so now there we were, wrapping it up at the restaurant, when he grabbed his back pack and took that Apple baggie. He tells me “before we head out, I think you should have this”. So I grab it and there it is, no Apple goodies inside, there is a light blue Tiffany’s box.

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He tried to get closer and probably kneel but seconds ago we had been fighting a bee so the tables were kind close and we had no room lol. We both had tears in our eyes. The ring that I had picked months before was inside the box. He tricked me! He told me later he bought it two days after I chose it.I am really happy Anna was there to record such an important and magical moment. I have no doubt the pictures from then and the ones we took to follow are going to be amazing and special. Thank you!

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