Lucero and Jose

How We Met

Jose and I actually met at a bar called Edna’s here in Oklahoma City. We were both with our friends and he went up to me to make conversation. Soon after we went on our first date and we immediately fell for each other. We started dating in December.

How They Asked

We made plans to go to Cabo with my family for August and we had talked about getting married one day but the proposal caught me by surprise. At the airport, he didn’t seem like he had anything important on him so my mind was convinced it wouldn’t be happening in Cabo. One morning on our vacay he asked me to go on an early walk. We did and he gave me the sweetest speech before getting on one knee. We always tell each other “I love you more” and he said “ I want to show you I love you more” before proposing! It feels like a dream (he also got a photographer to capture everything).

Lucero's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas

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