Lucero and Israel

How We Met

I met Israel when we were both 12 years old at a backyard party put together by the church we both were new to. He was by the refreshment table opening a two liter of dr.pepper that exploded all over him. He caught my eye but it wasn’t until a week later at another church event that we actually really got to talking (whatever it is two twelve years old can talk about) and this is where the friendship that eventually led to the relationship began. We have been together since the tender age of thirteen and I still can’t believe that I get to marry my first and only true love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Decorated gazebo in his backyard

how they asked

It was a Sunday afternoon a week before my 25th birthday, and I was waiting for him to get out of work so we could go out to eat. I was starving and a little annoyed that he hadn’t texted me yet as it was getting late, when he had finally texted me we went out to dinner and came back to his house and we’re watching TV when I hear the acoustical “chasing cars” by snow patrol playing. He leads me outside to a a gazebo decorated with lights and pictures of us over the years. At this point I’m slowly starting to realize that what I’ve been waiting for for the last 11.5 years is finally happening.

He takes my hand and asks me to marry him before I can yes he pulls out the most beautiful ring and I immediately say yes and fall into his arms.

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