Lucerna and Scott

How We Met

We met in Nanjing, China, in the Spring of 2010 when we both were studying abroad. We were lucky to have a good friend in common that introduced us. I am originally from Lima, Peru and he is from Los Angeles, so I believe it must have been fate that made us meet. The more time we got to spend with one another, the more we realized that were were great together.

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how they asked

We had decided that in our upcoming Eurotrip each of us would get one day to plan any sort of activity. His day was Saturday March 19th in Amsterdam. Because we had gone to sleep at 5 AM, I was not in the mood to get up early, but he insisted that he had an amazing day planned and that I should get up. I am pretty sure it took him an hour to convince me to get out of bed, but I finally did and we headed to Brouwersgracht Canal. There he made me stand by a flower shop and came out with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He then led me to the Lekkersluis bridge, and asked me if I would like to travel with him forever. He got on one knee and asked me in Spanish if I would marry him. I never thought I would be as emotional when I thought about him proposing, but I absolutely was. This was sincerely one of the best days of my life, and I feel blessed for knowing that the love of my life wants to share his life with me.

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