Lucas and Isabela

How We Met

Isabela and I (or just Bela) are Brazilian and we have known each other for over 6 years, still in high school. We were 16 at the time, we were studying together and each day our friendship grew more and more … she was my best friend! We used to talk each other about everything and talk the whole time. But little did we know that the following year our simple friendship would become the most beautiful love story I know.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

It was 2014 and we were about to do an exchange with our school in France and England. We were the only ones in our classroom to make the trip, which made us get even closer before traveling. I had already told her that I loved her a while before, but it was on the way to Paris, on the plane, that we had the first kiss. From then on, we no longer keep our hands off each other: and it is the best thing that ever happened in my whole life!

Proposal Ideas Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

How They Asked

The first time I thought about the wedding proposal was during a trip to Italy that we did in 2018. There I realized that she was the woman of my life and how well that trip had done for our relationship. At the time I was angry with myself for not thinking beforehand to ask her to marry me during the trip, but that’s okay!! Time passed and, in 2019, I started to think of several ways that I could do this in a way that was a surprise to her since she is very smart and difficult to deceive. So I talked to Carol, who specializes in floral decoration, and told my idea.

Lucas and Isabela's Engagement in Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

Then she introduced me to Marcelo, a photographer, and the three of us, together, designed the perfect proposal. Carol told Bela (they already knew each other) that she knew a photographer who wanted to do a couple of photoshoot and she accepted on the spot. So, we arranged everything where it would happen, while I talked secretly with Carol and Marcelo to make everything work, and it was better than I expected! Besides, I ordered an embroidery with Bia to eternalize our moment on the day. On 03/15/20, we went to Cabana Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, and started to photograph. And so it was, until… well, better than I keep talking is you see this wonderful result! I’m speechless! It’s inexplicable what it feels like to be the groom of the most beautiful and special woman I’ve ever met!

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

Lucas's Proposal in Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cabana Paulista, Guaraci (São Paulo) - Brazil

Special Thanks

Marcelo Caetano
 | Photographer
Carol Belarmino
 | Floral Artist
Bia Almeida
 | Embroidery