Lubov and Roman

Lubov's Proposal in Miami

How We Met

Everything started back in 2014 when I(Roman) texted Lubov in one of the social media. At that moment I was studying in Poland and Lubov was studying in Ukraine. After several meetings and long months of texting, Lubov decided to transfer to my university in Poland.

After graduating we decided to move to the US together. From that moment, we were living in Chicago together and were overcoming all the difficulties hand by hand. To cut a long story short, we fell in love on the distance and this distance made our relationship even stronger.

How They Asked

We were planning a small vacation in Miami and that was the moment when I realized that it was a perfect moment to propose. I found Premium Romance Concierge “Cloud Nine” online and started planning this magical proposal a month before the trip.

It was important for me to create a magical and private atmosphere at the same time. Firstly, I wanted to make a proposal picnic on the beach, however, the agency offered me a secret garden, which was a perfect spot for my proposal.

This wonderful evening started with photo shooting, which was arranged by the agency. Lubov had no idea, that everything will end up saying “yes” to the question, that changed our lives. After a small walk, we finally reached the secret spot and found a magical picnic with illuminated letters: “Marry Me”. Lubov couldn’t stop crying and said a simple, but such a powerful word “Yes”.

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Special Thanks

Slava Diadiura
 | Photographer
Alex Poklad
 | Videographer
Prc Cloud Nine
 | Planning