Luanne and Kelly

How We Met

We met in 1973 at Batavia Jr. High School. We were in the same homeroom together until we graduated in 1979 from Batavia High School.

We both went on to marry (and divorce) other people and reconnected 35 years after graduating from high school.

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how they asked

Friday, February 5, 2016 at Medieval Times, Baltimore/Washington, DCKelly’s explanation of why he choose Medieval Times as the location to propose to Luanne…

  • I learned about a year ago that her ex-husband had remarked that only Knights have the qualities that she is looking for in a relationship, and that Knights do NOT exist anymore. The seeds for a proposal were planted.
  • Luanne is VERY sharp so planning to make a proposal worthy of her memory, without her fifuring it out, was tough. On Friday, February 5, after work, I remarked to Luanne that it had been a long week and asked her if she wanted to go home and reschedule this activity to do this another night? Luckily, she said, “No, lets do it!” with the same excitement in her voice that she always has.
  • At Medieval Times, we walked past the “knighting” promotion display. I started looking at some of the Knighting packages and she said, “Hey, you could get Knighted, then I would officially have my Knight”. I agreed to do the ceremony.
  • What Luanne did not know was that I had been working on this surprise for the past seven weeks and had already purchased a package that was not listed – the engagement package
  • Several people had signed up to be Knighted as well. With about 75 people looking on, I got called first to be Knighted. Luanne started taking pictures and the King asked her to join us as part of the ceremony. They put a chair next to me for her to sit on – she still had NO idea what I was doing and she looked and acted like a HS school. A lady offered to take Luanne’s cell phone to videotape my Knighting. The sound is not great, but this is what I said:

My armor is dented from life’s experience, my Queen, but as your Knight, I will

– walk behind you and support your words and actions
– walk beside you an listen to your words and offer my counsel
– walk in front of you and protect you from all those who might want to bring you harm or sadden your heart

Then I reached in my pocket and asked her if she would marry me.

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