Lowren and Joe

How We Met

It was the summer right before I started my High School career, when my dad moved us out of state from California to Nevada. I was 15 years old starting a new school and a new church, I was scared and nervous but then I met, Joe. It was Puppy Love and he was my High School Sweet Heart. After a year of living in Nevada my dad moved us back to California and I was heartbroken. Me and Joe tried to make it work and see each other as much as we could but the distance soon was too much and throughout the years we drifted completely. However, 10 years later God brought us back together and the rest is history.


how they asked

He picked me up and took me to a surprise dinner, I had no idea where we were going but as we began to drive along Pacific coast Highway the view was beautiful. We ended up in Laguna Beach, Ca. at Las Brisa’s restaurant with a breath taking view of the ocean. We enjoyed dinner and laughed the night away. Little did I know, my sister and Best Friend were outside setting up for the proposal the entire time.Leaving the restaurant he asked me to walk along the beach and as we did I noticed a beautiful gazebo up ahead, then I noticed the Lanterns and the Sunflowers, but I still wasn’t sure until I heard our song playing. My heart started racing and tears of joy began to flow as Joe began to tell me how when he was 16 he lost me, but this time he promised he would never let me go. As he got down on one knee, it was everything I ever imagined as a little girl and more, It was perfect.




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Special Thanks

Nick Tellez