Lovelle and Tony

How We Met: Tony and I have been friends for over 10 years. We met at work while we were both in college, struggling to make ends meet aka have enough money to hang out and party with friends, basically. I was his boss and he was a very lackluster employee and at the time, and for a very long while after, I never thought anything more of it :-) In any event, since we liked many of the same things and had some mutual friends, which of course, we found out later, we started hanging out more and more.  We were friends, then close friends, then BFF’s and went through GF’s and BF’s and all the ups and downs and about 3 years ago, we finally decided to “date” and lo and behold, fast forward to today … and we’re still the same silly and adventurous two people and best friends but now we get to be BFF’s forever and have slumber parties every night :-) win!



how they asked: We were on one of our usual trips to the Bay area to visit friends, eat good food and have a ton of fun. On this trip in particular, we planned to do some outdoorsy activities, like going for a hike, something we love to do in our native Seattle. Our friend that we were visiting is not a morning person and we were out the night before so I figured that there would be no way we would make it on this “sunrise hike” she planned. But lo and behold at 5:15am she came banging on our door, go pro strapped to her head and ready to tackle this hike she was so hyped about – off we went to hike this “hill” overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge to watch the fog roll in and see the sun come rising above it. As the minutes and almost hours rolled on, there we were freezing in the fog, sleepy, hungry and uncaffinated. It was horrible and I was whining like a baby until my BF (at the time ;)) said, “ok fine, before we go, let’s take a selfie.” I happily obliged, thinking this was my ticket out of this mess. While taking the selfie he held the ring box over my shoulder and then looked at me and said, “did you see it?!” I very stupidly looked behind me and said, “see what?  There is no sun back there, only clouds!!!” All the while he was on his knee and blurting out what I’m sure were nice things but in the shock all I could make out was “blah blah will you marry me?”

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