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Love is an Open Door Frozen Marriage Proposal (6)How We Met – by Josiah: “I have this friend you are going to meet and you are going to fall in love and you are going to get married!” This was the first time I heard about my now fiancé Alyssa. I was talking to Meleah, who 6 days from then was going to be marrying my brother Caleb. She was set on introducing me to her former college roommate at the wedding.

And my response to the idea of meeting the girl I would eventually marry? “Umm, no.” There was one major problem in Meleah’s plan. Alyssa lives in Texas. I live in Spain doing youth ministry on a US Navy base. The wedding was in Michigan. Three days after the wedding I was getting on a plane to go back to Spain. I have never enjoyed speaking on the phone and have always struggled with staying in touch with people long distance, so I knew that I would be terrible at a long distance relationship.

A couple days later, I was helping my brother with getting a slideshow of pictures set up for the wedding. In one of the pictures, Meleah and Alyssa were wearing footie pajamas. Caleb pointed Alyssa out and said “That’s the girl Meleah wants to set you up with.” Doing my best to hide the fact that my jaw dropped at seeing the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, even in footie pajamas, I managed to nonchalantly say “Well, I guess I could meet her. I don’t want to be rude.”

After the wedding at the wedding reception, I was dancing with my new sister-in-law and she asked me if I had gotten a chance to meet Alyssa yet. I truthfully responded that I had not, and was a little intimidated by her since she was so attractive. I was unsure how to approach her. Immediately, Meleah stopped dancing with me and walked over to where Alyssa was dancing. I did my best, but failing miserably, to not look extremely awkward standing in the middle of the dance floor waiting for Meleah to return with Alyssa.

Meleah introduced us, and Alyssa leaned in and said over the music “So I hear Meleah wants us to date.” The ice was broken, and I was done for. We spent the rest of the evening talking, and I knew Meleah was right all along.

how they asked – by Alyssa: On July 6, 2014, it was our nine month anniversary. We were both making a trip to Michigan, and had the majority of our trip booked to spend time with family and friends. But Josiah said he was going to be selfish on our anniversary and wanted to spend the day alone together (I had no problem with this whatsoever). We had talked about the idea of making a music video before, and he said he thought that day would be a good time to make it. He planned out all of the locations we could go that were meaningful in our relationship. I was totally on board, and couldn’t believe he was actually going to make a music video with me!

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We went to church together in the morning, and then started our first recording for the video at his sisters’ place. We recorded ourselves singing to each other via FaceTime, where we have spent hours and hours talking since we are long distance. A lot of sweet things have been said through the screen, including the moments where he asked me to be his girlfriend, and where he first told me he was in love with me. Our next stop was at a church where I had first seen him in real life as the best man standing at his brother’s wedding. He caught my eye right away being so tall, blonde, and handsome!

We then ventured to the playground of the church (we are two overgrown children) and recorded some more lines of the song there. Josiah threw in some cool spin moves, and we were having a giggly time. Next, we headed to the place where we first met at his brother’s wedding reception. We couldn’t get inside the building, but being there still brought back precious memories of our slightly awkward first dance together. By this point it was almost dinnertime, so we headed to On the Border where we had our first date together. We made sure to get the same booth we sat in on our first date. We looked a little strange setting up the video camera at the table across from us, but it was totally worth it!

The next place on our list was Holland State Park on Lake Michigan, where we had our second date together. On that date, we had a picnic in his car since it was freezing outside, so we made sure to record some lines of the song from inside the car to capture that memory. We then proceeded to walk out toward the water, but right as we were doing so, there were giant lightning bolts striking and a big storm approaching. I was asking Josiah if we really were going to continue recording, and he convinced me that it was fine and that we could get some more lines recorded before the storm hit. We saw a giant group of seagulls, so we decided to set up the camera near them and get a shot of us running toward them and making them all fly away (I know, we’re so cool).

Right as we’re doing this, it starts to downpour. I was ready to run for cover, but Josiah wanted to record one last line. We were recording the end lines in the song and the last line is the guy asking if he can marry the girl. Instead of lip-syncing that part, he said, “Ok, to add a little bit more realism to it…” Then he paused for a minute, got serious, said some sweet things, and proposed!! I without hesitation said yes, and instantly kissed him. We then quickly packed up the camera and started walking toward shelter. Both of our immediate families were there to congratulate us with cake and ice cream, and I’ve never felt so much joy in my life! I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams!!!

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