Love Lock Bridge Proposal in Paris

On our first full day in Paris, Jen and I were passing this bridge, the Pont de Arts. She pointed out that it’s famous bridge where lovers attach a padlock to the railing.

Love Lock Bridge

She suggested maybe we should get a lock and put one on. I was like, “huh, maybe.” The next day, we were walking along the river on our way to dinner. But unknown to Jen, I was really taking her back to this very bridge. I had already researched it before our trip and in fact, had something special made for her…

When Jen and I were first dating long-distance, we called our monthly visits “dates”. On our third date, I asked Jen to be my girlfriend. On our fifth date, I told her I loved her. So we’ve always said that our relationship was “5 dates and I love you.”

Love Lock Bridge Proposal

That’s what I had inscribed on the lock I got for her in Los Angeles before we left, which I surprised her with on that bridge. Then I turned over the lock and she saw the other inscription. This year will mark six years together for us, so on the other side, it said, “Six years marry me.” She started to cry, said something close to “yes”, and I was like, “Not yet, I have a speech!” I got down on one knee, took out the ring, and poured out my heart to her.

Love Lock Bridge Marriage PRoposal

Then she said yes again and I became the luckiest guy in the world.

Our lock is the heart-shaped one at the very bottom of this picture. The view above it is one we will always remember.

Love Lock Bridge Paris

Our engagement photos:

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Photography: Blake Gardner Photography // Shoot location: Gainey Vineyard