Darlene and Eric's Love Lock Bridge Proposal in Paris

How We Met: We met while a bunch of friends were hanging out. We posed for a “prom” like picture and teased each other about being in love and not wanting to let go. Little did we know ;)

Love Lock Bridge Proposal in Paris

We started texting and talking all the time. We became friends via text and phone conversations over 4 months without ever hanging out. We ran into each other at the Coliseum for a USC tailgate (Go Trojans!). We walked hand in hand for a few hours, sparks flew. We usually fell asleep on the phone because I nor Eric wanted to be the one to hang up. Eric finally asked me out on an official date I said YES.

He took me to KROQ’s Almost Acoustic X-Mas. That very night, our first date, as Rise Against performed Swing Life Away, he grabbed my hand & December 12th, I fell in love.

how they asked: It was our second day in Paris.

As we walked up to the Love Lock Bridge, Eric surprised me with an amazing Game of Thrones heart shaped type lock. Tears came to my eyes. It was engraved with “Love is the greatest adventure … ERIC & DEE” The back of the lock read FOR-EV-ER (you have to say it like Squints from the Sandlot though). It came with skeleton keys, one for Eric and one for me. We locked up our love and both threw our keys into the Seine River.

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It was such a great experience. After our hugs and kisses he reached into his pocket, my heart raced, it may have even skipped a beat… until all he pulled out was his phone. I was back to remembering that this was just a trip like all the others “proposal not included”. As he put his phone back into his pocket the magical beats of Kanye West moved through the air, Shirley Bassey’s voice echoed “Diamonds are foreverrrrrr”.

In that moment I knew what was coming. Eric dropped down to one knee, opened a box which could have been empty because I was so fixated on his face. The words left his lips, “Will you say yes…. to FOREVER?” then I hear Kanye “FOREVER EVA EVA EVA” I wiped a tear and squealed with excitement. “YES YES YES! ABSOLUTELY YES!”. I immediately stepped into him with my hands reaching for his face, our eyes are locked, and in this moment of euphoria the world stands still and there is only him and I. All that pours out of my mouth is “I LOVE YOU” after “I LOVE YOU”. We finally rejoin the universe and he places a beautiful, sparkling diamond ring on my finger. It’s so much to take in, not even in my dreams could I have imagined such perfection.

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He grabs my hand, “We’re not done” he says. We then continue on, to a full engagement shoot all over Paris.

This is where FOREVER begins.

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Photos by Tala Nicole Photography

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