Lourdes and Daniel

Lourdes's Proposal in Ecological park Florencia, Guatemala

How We Met

When I met my girlfriend 6 years ago, I made up a story, the short story was about a piano (it was me because I’m a pianist) who knew a ball (the ball was her because she played on a soccer team, Not for anything else! Hahaha) we talked a lot for messenger and always invented some little episode to give you an idea of ​​what piano wanted with ball.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ecological park Florencia, Guatemala

In the final chapters piano fell in love with ball and asked that they live happily ever after, in this episode she knew that I loved her and thought to have a love relationship with her, forever. We made boyfriends so, of course, one day i invited her to dinner and the proposal was not so much about Disney tales it was a little more real.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ecological park Florencia, Guatemala

how they asked

On December 23 my boyfriend and I went to have a picnic at the ecological park Florence, every year we make a Christmas video so we put cameras to record so it seemed normal to me that we were recording, we had a very pleasant time eating, talking on This beautiful place, when he told me that He had a small Christmas present for me , he asked me to close my eyes because it was a surprise, so I did!

Then he put a song that began to tell a story, at that moment I did not imagine anything when he asked me to open my eyes I saw in front of me a few little dolls of us. before being boyfriends, my boyfriend told me a story about piano (Because he is a pianist) and a ball (because I like soccer) and as a piano he fell in love with a ball and asked to live happily ever after, so those little dolls that I had in front of me, was so much.

He asked me to be his wife, I was so surprised that I just Hug him, we both smiled and we cried together of happiness, that’s how I said YES and accepted to marry my best friend.

I was happy when I saw him and suddenly he turned the dolls and inside the piano was a ring.

Our Video

Nuestro video anual esta vez incluye una sorpresa!

Posted by Daniel Almorza on Saturday, December 24, 2016

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