Louise and Ross

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How We Met

I downloaded tinder for a laugh one drunken evening with the girls and forgot about it until I was bored one morning and decided to flick through, I was swiping no for what seemed like forever until Ross’ photo came up, he looked fun and was wearing a t-shirt from one of my favourite films “the dark crystal”. I instantly swiped yes without even looking at a name or his info when the “it’s a match” screen popped up and allowed us to chat. My cup of tea in hand I was feeling brave so I decided to start chatting to him.. Mainly about his unique t-shirt choice. Little over a week later we decided to meet, and had the most incredible first date.

He met me off the bus in Cardiff with a sign saying “Miss Pitman” and in that instant it was like we’d known each other forever. We shopped and talked and sitting opposite him for lunch and seeing him smile was the most incredible feeling, I knew in my heart this was it! We went to the cinema and for a few drinks but before we knew it it was time to go home. We arranged a few more dates over the next week and on our fourth date where I had arranged a picnic he asked me to be his girlfriend, I loved how traditional he was!

how they asked

It was the second anniversary of our fourth date and we both had the day off so we decided to recreate our first date. Again we shopped, chatted and ate in the same restaurant but as it was such a lovely day, Ross asked if we could go down to the bay before we went to the cinema. We were walking down by the Norwegian church where it was a lot quieter and when we got the corner we stopped to admire the bay, it was beautiful with the sun shining and the boats out. We were side by side when Ross suddenly dropped down to one knee, I turned, thinking he was doing up his shoe lace but instead he looked up at me and started to say my full name, I was in complete shock and kept asking him if this was real, even after he’d pulled out the ring box and asked me to marry me in Welsh which meant the world to me as I’m a Welsh speaker.

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I burst into tears and when I asked him if I could put the ring on he reminded me that I hadn’t actually said “yes” yet So I hugged him and said yes over and over! The ring was a perfect fit and so beautiful, he had commissioned it 6 weeks earlier and had a very specific design in mind, he’d even gone as far as taking one of my rings for size and had included engraving on the inside which reads “23.08.16”.

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The most important part however was when he told me that he’d asked my father for permission two weeks earlier and that our families already knew and were expecting a phone call. It was the most incredible day and I can’t wait to start planning our day and our future together.

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