Louisa and Tim - More than High School Sweethearts!

After knowing each other for over half of their lives, and dating for nearly a third of it, they’re finally tying the knot!

How we met: Tim and I both grew up in Castro Valley. We met when we were 12 years old after becoming classmates at Canyon Middle School in advanced English, US History classes and 8th grade science. We sat next to each other, worked on projects together, played basketball with the same group of friends during lunch… needless to say, we quickly grew from classmates to friends, and shortly best friends. We were so close, some even said we were dating!

As we reached high school, Tim and I continued to maintain our friendship, but it wasn’t until Senior year that cupid’s arrow struck us both. Tim and I became closer than ever after working on some ballroom routines and a traditional Filipino dance together for a freinds’s contillion. Tim even asked me to Senior Ball after that!

On the evening of our high school graduation, our school had arranged for a “Senior Grad cruise” in which all the seniors were invited to board a boat after graduation, to sail around the bay. After a whole night of celebrating with friends, dancing, and enjoying the beautiful view SF had to offer, the boat docked and Tim asked me, “will you go out with me?” On Friday June 13, 2003, Tim and I officially became a couple.

For the next several years, Tim and I went to school at UC Davis and UC Berkeley, respectively. Despite the two hour drive between the campuses, the distance did not prevent us from seeing each other regularly and growing even closer. Neither did the rivalry between Cal and Stanford (where Tim eventually went for graduate school), although this rivarly would always divide our relationship for three hours each year during the Big Game (CAL v Stanford football game).

After knowing each other for half our lives and dating for nearly a third of it, we have endured many trials and tribulations that have put our relationship to the test. However, each experience has helped our relationship grow stronger and has also given us opportunities to grow and mature as individuals. Ultimately, we both believe that we have found our true soulmates!

The Proposal: On my 26th birthday, June 20th, 2011, Tim tricked me into believing that we would simply be spending a leisurely day in Berkeley. Tim knew that I missed being near the campus, and particularly missed the great food in the area. After grabbing iced coffee together from Philz, one of my favorites, Tim drove us down to the Berkeley Marina. I was still unsure of what the plans for the day were, but Tim insisted that we were simply there to relax and “get some sun.” As we walked out on onto the docks through the marina, we were greeted by a uniformed Captain.

“Mr. Wong?” the gentleman asked. Tim replied, “Yes. I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Louisa.” Utterly confused at this point, I was ushered aboard the Journey, a 40-ft chartered boat where we would spend the following two and a half hours. After enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh perspective on the familiar San Francisco bay from the deck, we ventured back inside for a freshly prepared dinner by the on-board chef.

Near the conclusion of the meal, Tim suggested to take a break between the main course and dessert and go outside to enjoy the view of the sunset as the boat passed under the Bay Bridge. At that moment, Tim turned to look at me and said, “Louisa, I have something to ask you.” He dropped to one knee, took out a ring from his right pocket and asked, “Louisa, will you make me the luckiest man alive? Will you marry me?”

You wouldn’t be reading this is if I didn’t say….“YES!” =)

On June 13th, 2003, Tim first asked me to be his girlfriend on a cruise around the bay at the conclusion of our Senior grad cruise. Eight years later, he found it fitting to ask for my hand in marriage on a cruise around the bay….Tim says that “it has agreeable symmetry.”

Gorgeous photos by IQ Photo based in San Francisco.