Louisa and Keith

How We Met

Keith and I met at our favorite nightclub in Newcastle (our home town) as we both have a love of DJ’s and music. This is where I first laid eyes on Keith and said to my friend ‘who is he??!!’ My best friend Brooke knew him as a local DJ and said ‘he’s right up your street you will love him!’ and then introduced us. I say it was me who laid eyes on Keith as he had a fair few pints that night and our introduction was followed by a head butt when we went to kiss which caused us to see stars for the wrong reasons!! We found it hilarious and got a photo together which marks the moment we met, very cute. Keith’s dance moves were the reason I first spotted him and his dress sense and is probably one of my favorite things to this day when we dance and he swings me around all over the place!

So our first meeting went well except for the head butt and the fact he was so drunk he gave Brooke the wrong phone number for himself which I later found out!… It was only due to another friend Amanda that we realised I had the wrong number as she mentioned to him he hadn’t replied to my texts which he had never received! Thank god for friends! Keen bean I was it seems!!! Anyway he added me on Facebook (modern day dating eh?) and sent me a message and the rest is history. Well, this is after a terrible first date where he was so hungover he was sick (see a pattern here?) and him being so shy as he ‘didn’t think he was in with a chance’ bless so I had to practically force him to ask me out! Eventually he got the message and that was it! Romance at its very best, it started with a head butt……

how they asked

The proposal was nothing like the first meeting, it was perfect (cliche as it sounds) from start to finish with not a head butt in sight! It was my birthday celebration in October and a complete surprise to me. Still how he did it without me having an inkling (more of that later) I will never know! I had often spoke of my love of everything Greek to Keith and my wish of going to Santorini one day as it looked like my dream place and spoke about hopefully getting married there one day. I am not religious or a lover of big weddings I have always pictured a wedding in the sun small and intimate but in an amazing location! I had never been but just knew it looked special. Combined with the white chic setting on a sea of blue and my favorite animal cats being all over the place, it looked like heaven to me!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Santorini Dana Villas

I am a coastal girl and have always lived by the sea I find it a place of serenity and it is somewhere I call home, so for me the fact Keith combined my love of all these things was so personal to me. It started with Brooke packing my case for me as a true friend does when you are unprepared for where you are going! All I know is I spotted lots of white and lace and me and Brooke often joke about running free in Greece in lace so this was my first inkling! My second inkling was when myself and Keith had been to watch our favorite football team play and we were with Keith’s friends after the game.

Louisa's Proposal in Santorini Dana Villas

One of them Dan said ‘oh you’ll be in Greece Keith next week won’t you!’ and as quickly as he said it he turned a shade of purple and I pretended not to hear to protect Keith’s feelings as he kept asking did you hear that? There are times in a relationship when you have to lie and this was one of them! Anyway nothing could prepare me or spoil the realisation of where we were actually headed! Then it was the first class train tickets (donated by Brooke bless her what a girl!) and some clues from Keith as to where we were headed! It wasn’t until the departures lounge at Manchester Airport where Keith presented me with a glass of prosecco and my final clue of the day a crossword spelling out SANTORINI !!!

I cried like a baby and as we landed to a pink sunset and more tears from me, never have I seen anything more beautiful! How could it get any better?! The proposal didn’t go as planned (does it ever?!) as the night Keith had it planned for was overcast I later learned which would ruin the view! It was swiftly re arranged for the next night without me knowing a thing about it! Im so lucky as Brooke had made me unsuspectingly buy a sparkly gorgeous dress for the occasion and made me wear it on this certain night which made it even more special! I thought I was going out for dinner in a cave or somewhere amazing but what was in store was even better!

Keith produced an eye mask (gold to match my dress of course) and the start of the proposal commenced. I was in heels and kept saying ‘this is dangerous up these steps!’ I was walked arm in arm up a million steps it felt like and I could hear the clicking of a camera which is when I thought oh my god he’s going to propose!!!! My heart was racing and I could hear an instrumental acoustic version of Bruno Mars ‘I think I wanna marry you’ in the background.

When he took my eye mask off I can only describe the setting as pure heaven and a moment I will honestly never forget the feeling and the sight of for as long as I live. I burst out laughing as his speech was on the back of a cut out piece of cat food box Felix who our cat Cherry looked like! Everything was so personal! He was down on one knee and made the most amazing speech and words no one has ever said to me before. It really was a dream come true and there was only one word for it! Yessss!!!!

I cried as he placed a replica of my Belgian Grandmother’s ring which I had inherited from her when she passed away and is my most treasured item. He had tissues for me, it really was perfect and he had thought of everything. So thoughtful and personal. The night was only getting started! We had photographs on the terrace of the amazing Dana Villas on the Caldera front by the amazing Kimonos and drank so many bottles of champagne and ate a gorgeous meal whilst ringing home to share the good news! What a night, Mrs Carson to be!!!!!

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