Louisa and Jonathan

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How We Met

Who would have guessed that I would have met the love of my life at 6 years old. Unfortunately I don’t have a cute story about how we met. Jonathan and I went to school together kindergarten through 12th grade. Neither one of us can remember when we first met each other but boy do our parents have pictures of us together in elementary school (not flattering pictures might I add). Jonathan and I “dated” in middle school, and then had a breakup over the summer. We didn’t date in high school and both were involved in our own hobbies but had many mutual friends. After high school, I left for college in Santa Barbara and Jonathan went to school in Cerritos, we had close to no contact except through our mutual friends (to be honest, I forgot about him). Easter of 2013 Jonathan snap chatted me. I hadn’t talked to him since high school, but noticed he got a lot better looking. Jonathan asked to hangout before I left back up to Sandra Barbara. I was hesitant so I told him if he got some friends together I’d join. Jonathan somehow managed to get a group of our mutual friends together on Easter night and we “re-met” that evening. After that night Jonathan made such a big effort to talk, FaceTime, and even visit me in Santa Barbara that I realized this man was so different than anyone else I’d ever dated and I just had to give this kind hearted man a second chance…7 years after our first “dating experience”.

how they asked

I recently got a new job, which meant getting a new schedule, with close to no say over the days I work. I also work in healthcare, which means weekends are fair game for work and mandatory at times. Jonathan asked me which weekends I had free so he could plan a date night for us. Jon told me to be ready by 3:45 and to wear something warm… I asked if I was getting fed (priorities). When the day finally came for date night Jonathan picked me up and drove us down to the beach where I had worked in high school as a surf instructor. He parked and asked me to take a walk with him on the beach. We walked for a few minutes and the sky started changing colors, as the sun got lower in the sky over the ocean. We walked up to this beautiful set up and I knew what was coming next. Jonathan got down on one knee and said some beautiful things, most of which we can’t fully remember because we were just so excited this day was finally here.

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I of course said yes!!! Jonathan also had a family friend taking pictures so we could remember this special day. After taking some wonderful pictures we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant and then celebrated with my parents. We both can’t believe we found our special someone at 6 years old, but are so blessed to have each other!

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