Louis and Danielle

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How we met

Louis and I met out in NYC one night in 2009 just before I moved to LA to pursue my music career. The timing was off but our connection was instant and we both knew it. When I got out to LA, Louis reached out to me almost immediately saying he felt like he needed to come see me. He visited and after spending a weekend together, we knew we had to start our relationship on opposite coasts. He would fly out after work on Friday nights and take the redeye back to NYC on Monday mornings a couple times per month for about a year. In early 2011 I moved back to the east coast to be closer to him and the rest is history!!!

how they asked


Originally I was scheduled to be in Florida with my mom visiting my grandparents until Friday April 8th. Knowing this, Louis used every time I traveled for work in January and February as an opportunity to plan the proposal, travel to Lake George to ask my parents for approval, and design the RING!! He had his plan in place by March and he waited patiently all while dropping subtle hints to make me think it was probably on his mind but not any time in the near future.

Two weeks ago he sends me screen shots of what I find out after is a fake text conversation between him and his best friend, Jim, where Jim is asking him to come down to Florida and play in a charity golf event on Sunday, the 10th as well as attend the charity dinner for it on Saturday night, the 9th. As Louis expected, I said “oh that’s perfect! I’ll already be in Florida so you guys can just meet me down there and we can do the golf tournament weekend thing.” He had me feeling like I was the one calling the shots.

Fast forward to April 9th, the day of the “golf tournament charity dinner”… We were told it was going to be fancy (or so I thought) so the boys all dressed up in suits and Sarah (Jim’s girlfriend) and I wore summery dresses and heels and we all left the hotel to head to the “charity dinner” feeling like a million bucks. We started walking (I was told the venue was just a few blocks from the hotel). When the 5 of us had gotten to a path near the water (which I thought was leading us into the “venue”), Louis said “come here, walk with me.”

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He took out his phone and put his headphones in my ears. And that’s when I knew this day was not for golf or charity. A song started playing and I began realizing what this day really was and started to cry. It was a proposal song Louis wrote and recorded (he’s an unbelievable rapper and songwriter) called “What Do You Say, Best Friend?” You can listen to it here, and the video of the proposal is below.

When the song ended I was in shock. Louis pulled me in and told me how much he loves me and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me by his side. He then grabbed the ring from his other best friend, Steve, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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He put the ring on me and whispered in my ear “everyone we love is on that boat over there” and like clockwork, off in the distance a boat filled with my favorite faces erupted with cheering and “WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”….

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My entire family and best friends (including my “sister” Chloe all the way from Montreal) had all been hiding in Florida since Friday waiting to celebrate with us on this huge yacht.

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We sailed the intercoastal for 3 hours on the most beautiful sunset cruise with dinner, champagne, live music, so many photo opps, and the largest sushi boat I’ve ever seen in real life. Truly Epic.

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