Louina and Adam

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How We Met

Many people have a great amount of things in common that cause their paths to cross. Even more so now with the growing use of various social media outlets. Which is what caused our paths to cross. We are quite sure that many don’t think of how these venues create peoples paths to cross. As for us we know all to well. From simple shared views of faith and a healthy lifestyle, we found each other on instagram. Who knew a few fitness posts and some Jesus posts could create such a start (lol). Our interaction of the things we had in common sparked a greater interests in one another that could not be denied. Through many conversations we had through social media it just wasn’t enough. We had to meet face to face to really see, to really know is this true. Is this something that could be real. From our common interests the only logical choice was to meet over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. From there our conversation flurished. That ran from a quick cup of coffee to having to get lunch. Because we just couldn’t bring our conversation, our time together to an end.

how they asked

We both planned to spend quality time together away in France, that was a goal on our to do list. So we made it happen and we were both so excited! As we get to our penthouse for the week Adam asked me if I would like to get ready to maybe take a few images before we explore the city. So I did just that I got ready, while waiting for Adam to finish up I was admiring our view on the balcony. Here he comes and taps me on the solder handing me a video I was a bit confused on why he handed me the phone as I look down and press play my heart begins to race here he is taking me on the journey of memories stored in his heart forever. Taking me through our most memorable events we’ve experienced together. It was all I could do to hold back my tears and excitement as the video ended. I look towards him and he’s one one knee and said “Cheri ou vle marie avem” (WILL YOU MARRY ME) in creol my second language. which I absolutely adored. I can’t place into words the feelings I felt and any attempt to do so would only be an insult to the moment and how I felt.

I can’t find any words to describe how he made me feel this in the beautiful city of Paris if I did I feel it would be insulting to how I felt.

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Our Video