Louie and Jessica

Louie and Jessica's Engagement in Strand Theater

How We Met

Jessica was my high school sweetheart and the one I could never forget. Although our lives would take turns in opposite directions in our 20’s, I would never forget how she made me feel. After both of us had been through 15 plus years of marriage, our lives came full circle after both of us went through a divorce and we reconnected. Turns out, as much as I always loved Jessica and couldn’t forget her, she felt the same way! Now we are Jess and Louie once again and this time we have 5 kids between us. Jessica has 2 .. yes. TWO sets of identical twins boys, 2-9-year-olds and 2-13-year-olds and I have one 12-year-old princess… together we are Kramer Party Of 7. Now it was time to make our family official!

How They Asked

So over 10 months time, I hired a director, actors, and composer who created our life story as a movie in all the exact locations are story played out. The movie ends with a real-time proposal and all my dreams becoming a reality.

Jessica was told by her parents that they wanted us to go to a theater to watch a movie with the kids. So we packed up the kids and went to the Strand Theater in Marietta, Ga on June 29 to see a “movie”. As the movie was starting I excused myself to go get us a drink and that’s when Jessica would witness what would be the greatest proposal of our lives. Once the movie went to credits, I walked out on stage from behind the screen with 24 white roses and asked her the most important question ever! She said Yes!! As the theater full of strangers started to cheer, Jess noticed a louder roar from the balcony! Upstairs in the balcony was 50 of our closest friends and family who were there to share our moment. Also, upstairs waiting on Jessica was an immediate engagement party for all of our friends and family catered with all of her favorite foods and open bar. We partied and celebrated all night and the wedding is getting planned for later this year!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Nevyn Pillow
 | Played the role of “young Louie”
Bailey Vetterick
 | Played the role of “young Jessica”
Courtney Williams
 | Videographer