LouAnn and Cooper

How We Met

Cooper and I met online. I had never been one for online dating, but my mom and sister convinced me to give it a try. He was the second guy I ever talked to on Hinge- and boy am I glad I did!

how they asked

About 2 months ago, we booked a trip to Riviera Maya. We were so excited to explore a brand new hotel, and enjoy a weekend getaway to the beach. . The evening of the trip finally arrived. We boarded the plane, got a mimosa (at 1 in the morning) and cheered to a much needed getaway. As soon as we landed, as most people do, we checked our phone to let our families know we had arrived safely. I sent my mom a text, and as soon as I looked up, I noticed Cooper’s energy shift. “Our sunset cruise was canceled.” He said. “Oh, that stinks. No big deal- we can talk to the concierge and book another excursion instead”, I said. He said ok, still visably bummed out. We got to the hotel and immediately ordered two big cocktails and changed into our swimsuits. We went directly out to the pool, where I could tell Cooper was still not his normal, happy self. My answer to this, as it is to most things, was to order more drinks. After all, there is no mood so bad that a Pina Colada can’t fix.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Riviera Maya, Mexico

A while later, we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. Cooper asked if I wanted to walk on the beach before dinner and watch the sunset. I immediately thought this was out of character for him (as he likes the pool far more than the beach) and thought proudly to myself, “The Pina Coladas must have worked”. We headed out to the beach, and walked for several minutes before Cooper stopped, turned toward me, told me he had something for me, and handed me a card.

Where to Propose in Riviera Maya, Mexico

I immediately got butterflies and knew something must be happening. It was written completely in Spanish- something Cooper knew I would love.

When I finished reading the card, through eyes full of tears, I looked up to find him down on one knee. I think I said “YES!” before he even asked.

It was a moment I will never forget. We enjoyed 2 more days as a newly engaged couple, and just when I thought it couldn’t get better- it did! As we got to the airport, I realized our boarding passes said, “Phoenix” instead of “San Francisco”. “We are going to celebrate with all the people you love most!” He said. My parents met us at the airport and brought us to their house, where the rest of my family was waiting with a cake, gifts, and “Advice for the Bride/Groom to-be”. It was the perfect end to the perfect trip.

Now for the details I have yet to mention. Cooper had been working for months on the “perfect” engagement. What I thought was going to be a group Sunset sail, was actually a a private 50 ft catamaran he rented just for the two of us. He had hired a photographer who was going to pretend to be a deck hand, so they could capture the entire thing while it was happening. He had arranged to have our song playing in the background while he was down on one knee. He had literally planned the entire thing down to the T. Unfortunately, last minute, the entire Port was closed down due to high winds, and no boats were able to sail. What Cooper didn’t realize, is that the makeshift proposal was perfect in its own right. It was a day I will never forget.