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How We Met

The first time our paths crossed was when I was 19. I was playing in a band at a wedding which Léon was a guest at. He remarked to a mutual friend that I was definitely in his sweet spot! I was yet to find this out until that same friend updated me on the news when he learnt that we were going on a date 11 years later. It was August 2014 and I was at a local village festival with friends. I walked into a bar where Léon ended up being. “Greedychops” he shouted (my twitter handle) “You’re Greedychops aren’t you?”. With a quick “Yes” and a “how d’ya do” I was off! The next morning I was at Ali’s, a good friend of mine. Her partner Jamie returned home with a sheepish looking Léon behind him. “Sorry about last night,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek. He offered to buy me a drink as we all walked to the pub but as I was in a relationship I politely declined and walked home.

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Fast forward another year and my relationship had ended, I was struggling to pay the mortgage alone and to top it all off, my pussycat had passed away. I was in a dark place. It was 5 pm on Sunday and I was in bed, scrolling through Facebook and feeling sorry for myself. Ali called and told me to be ready in 30 minutes. She was forcing me out for wine and a curry. That evening over a bottle of rouge she encouraged me to start dating again. “What about Léon?” She asked. “He’s handsome, a good age has his own business and is a truly good egg. Only thing is he lives in London now”. After some consideration, I decided to give it a go. The distance didn’t bother me as I wasn’t expecting a full on relationship out of it. A few weeks later Léon traveled up and we went out on our date. I knew instantly that this would be the man I would marry and I shared the news with my Mum over a text whilst Léon was in the loo. Fast Forward 3ish year’s and here I am, agreeing to spend my forever by his side.

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how they asked

Our first holiday together was to Granada, Spain. The moment I arrived I felt an instant connection with the city. It has a wonderful soulful feeling to it and Léon and I enjoy nothing more than to meander around the cobbled streets of the Albaicin eating seafood and sipping cañas. We go at least once a year and 2018 was no exception only this time Léon had booked tickets for us to go into the Alhambra palace. We had often posed for pictures in front of it and walked around its gardens but we had never actually been in. We had been warned to go a little earlier than our entry time but being the sun bunnies we are, we favored an extra hour sunbathing instead.

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We walked up the long hill, took several wrong turns only to be turned away from the palace when we finally reached its doors, we’d missed our slot! As a consolation, Léon promised me a G+T at the Parador which overlooks all the beautiful San Francisco gardens. We had our selfie stick with us and Léon was hellbent on taking lots of pictures, even though by this time I was getting a little fed up! He then suggested we walked down into a corner where the sun was shining to take some more snaps. I muttered something about squinting but fair dos to him, he managed to capture us 15 seconds before he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said yes, of course.

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