Lorraine and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I met at work. I must say that I already noticed him since day 1. He was gorgeous but I was not interested in entering into a new relationship. I just got out from a pretty messy relationship at the time so I told myself I will just give myself time and just enjoy being single. After couple of months, I started noticing that he pays too much attention to me and will always try to talk to me everyday. After sometime, he finally had the courage to ask me for a coffee date. We got along really well at first but our dating story did not go very smoothly. There’s a lot of argument. He was too busy with 2 jobs and school. His priorities were very different from mine. I have my life figured out and he was just starting with his after coming back from the military. And naturally, that became an issue. He once told me that I cannot be his priority and also told me that I will be put in the backburner all the time. So I told myself “Okay. I will keep living my own life”. I booked a vacation to go to Canada by myself for a whole week. Our communication at the time was very very limited so that gave him the glimpsed of what life will look like for him when I am not around. I came back and everything changed. I guess that was the “light” that he was needing. He told me that he realized that he was wrong. He told me he loves me and cannot afford to lose me and that even if he is busy with his priorities that he will try his best to give the love and affection that I deserve. So we worked it out and 4 years later here we are, ENGAGED! :)

how they asked

We planned a trip to Washington, DC in September for my Birthday week. We picked that place because we both wanted to go there for awhile now. I’ve been having that feeling that he will pop the question because we looked at rings around March. When we first got to DC, our first stop was the Washington National Cathedral. I really thought he will propose there since he knows that my favorite thing to do when I go places is to see different churches and their architecture. We were there for almost 3.5hrs and nothing happened. I remember telling my sister and she told me “we’ll you’re an idiot to think that he will propose to you on your birthday week. Its just too obvious”. So I just gave up on that idea that he will propose. Next day we have an appointment at Library of Congress for a tour early in the AM. It was a really nice morning and the weather was awesome. We got to the Library of Congress a bit early so like any tourist would do, we had to take pictures. We went up to the stairs to take a picture and he asked a random tourist to take our picture. All of a sudden, He did not know what to do with himself. He got a bit anxious and was taking awhile to just stand next to me for the picture. I was irritated for I am not a morning person and I just want to go inside the Library. I heard him say “I think there’s something missing on your outfit” as I turned my back to look at the Capitol Building. I turned back to look at the camera for the picture and there he was on his one knee holding the most beautiful ring. It was all a blur from there and all I heard was “No more waiting”. Thank goodness for that random tourist for taking a lot of pictures of that beautiful moment! :)

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