Lorraine and Eric

How We Met: Eric and I met at his friends Paul and Andrea’s wedding. He was a wedding guest, and I was my friend Renee’s last minute plus one date. Renee was the Maid of Honor and assisting the bride. During the cocktail party, she asked me who I think is cute in the room. I pointed out to Eric and she wanted to introduce us. I told her, haha, I’m on a dating sabbatical after strings of bad dates so was not really looking. Towards the end of the night, I ended up hanging out with a bunch of the groomsmen while my friend went MIA. We were sitting outside having whiskey and cigar. Eric joined in and asked the Best Man for a cigar and unfortunately, there was no extras. I offered to share my cigar, pointing out that don’t worry, I’m not a sloppy cigar puffer. We ended up talking and hitting it off the rest of the night. He asked me to dance and we made it back to the reception while the band was playing the last song, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. He asked for my phone number and that was the start of our love story! Sometimes you just find love in unexpected places!


how they asked: It was Valentine’s day. We had plans to go to the MET museum. Eric wanted us to go to the Egyptian wing’s Temple of Dendur since we both love that space. We walked towards the window and he started off telling me how much he loves me. I told him I love you too! We watched the snow fall from the large window, he turned me around and started talking about our future and how he wants to spend the rest of his life. I started crying and he went down on one knee. He pulls out a box and opens the most beautiful ring. I said yes! There were three teenage girls behind us cheering and congratulating us and how romantic it is to propose during Valentines day.


Next thing I know, there was a camera in front of our face and Eric introduces me to Karen from Karen Haberberg Photography. He hired her to capture the moment and take our engagement photos. It was so special. We were quite dazed and everything was a happy blur.

She had us run out in front of traffic when the light was stop to capture the perfect NYC with the yellow cab and light snow fall. We were the crazy twosome in the middle of the street without a jacket in the middle of winter. It was the perfect Valentine’s day and I’m so happy he thought of hiring an amazing photographer to capture our special moment!


Photos by Karen Haberberg