Loria and Todd

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How We Met

Todd and I met in Klamath Falls while we were going to school at Oregon Institute of Technology. We actually met through my brother (yes, he was my brother’s friend).

It was the beginning of the school year and we had all had moved back to school. Todd would come over a few times when we had gatherings and parties. I remember the time when our friend jokingly said: “Todd you should go out with Loria…” Well right after that, my brother Tuan was dead quiet. I never thought much of it and I’m sure Todd knew not to cross the line by going out with his friend’s sister.

That year, we would cross paths when we were in the library and I would say Hi and he would say Hi. One day, however, we crossed paths in the library and I was there with my brother when Todd had asked my brother out to lunch. I remember my brother going “I gotta work, but you can go with my sister!” I ended up going out to lunch with him at Applebee’s and towards the end, my brother joined in as well. When we were done, I snuck and paid for our dinner and we went home. I think that was when Todd started having an interest in me. We started talking more and then really bonded over our dogs. Of course, Todd wanted to ask my brother for his permission before we started dating so when he finally asked my brother, my brother said: “Are you sure she likes you?”

Long story short, we got his blessings (and he even bought us movie tickets so Todd could take me out) and well the rest is history.

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how they asked

Todd and I both love dogs. Four or five years before I met Todd, his family had come home with a miniature schnauzer puppy named Sophie. To Todd’s surprise, Sophie became very attached to him and soon after, Sophie became his dog and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Fast forward 7 years, I couldn’t be prouder of the person he’s become and where we’re at (through long distance and all!). Sophie is also now 11 years old and her health started to take a toll. In the summer of 2016, she started to bump into things and that was when we realized she had gone blind. Months later, she began to have seizures. The seizures progressed and got worse to the point where we put her on medication. We knew she wasn’t doing well.

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December came and Christmas was just right around the corner. I realized we didn’t have professional photos taken of us and our dogs so I thought it would be an amazing gift if I surprised Todd with a photo shoot of us and our dogs since Sophie was not getting any better.

So a day before our photo shoot, I told him not to make any plans and that I had a surprise for him. The day of the photo shoot I told him to go get dressed and that we were taking the dogs to Amberglen Park for a photo shoot with them. He was excited.

I remember it was a tremendously cold day, so about an hour into the shoot when my hands were shaking uncontrollably, and I told him we should get going. He then said let’s just take a few more pictures on the bridge….

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I said OK, we walked up to the bridge and then he said “Well, since you got a surprise for me, I also have a surprise for you…” He got on his knee and there stood the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. Of course I said YES!

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