This Proposal While Wakeboarding is the Most Legit Proposal We've Ever Seen.

Image 1 of Lori and Bruce

How We Met

It all started in July of 2011 when I decided to try a 30-day free trial on After searching for almost 3 weeks I received a message from incredibly cute guy named Bruce Taylor. We talked almost everyday for a month before we met. I was a nervous wreck the night we first met and almost turned around before I got to his house but I decided to take a chance and meet the guy I’ve been talking to. I saw him walking up to my car as I got out and even though I was so nervous, he had this way about him that made me feel comfortable. For our first date he took me out on his boat to a local restaurant, and we talked for hours. After that night, we’ve hung out almost every day ever since.

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how they asked

We had planned days in advance to go wakeboarding after work on Tuesday with some friends (we did all summer so I thought nothing of it). I also knew that Bruce’s friend was going to record everything (and again since Bruce has filmed lots of wakeboarding videos in the past, I didn’t think much of it). 

The only thing that was out of the ordinary was that my best friend Jess said she wanted to come – it didn’t make me think proposal though, it just got me extra excited to go! 

So here we are on the boat watching the guys out on the wakeboard. After Bruce and his friend Ryan came back in, it was now my turn to ride doubles with Bruce. As I got my boots on and got set up to go out, Bruce and I gave each other one last kiss. 

Then…While we where on the water, I noticed another boat following us and quickly realized it was his family! I looked over at him to tell him his parents were there as well, and as I looked over I noticed one leg out of his boot. I almost panicked because I didn’t want him to fall in, but he quickly said to me “I am trying a new trick” Then I hear our song come on through the speakers “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. Every thing happened so fast I couldn’t piece it all together in time.

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I hear Bruce yell my name and as I look over….there he is – the one I knew I would spend the rest of my life with – down on one knee saying, “Lori, Will you marry me?” I was so surprised and excited that I lost control of the board and ran right into him knocking us both in the water. Thankfully Bruce knows me too too well and used a fake ring when he proposed. Definitely a smart move. 

As we got back onto the boat he pulled out the real ring and then it all became real. The night could not have ended any better than it did celebrating with friends, family and an amazing sunset behind us.
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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ryan Serio
 | Videography