Lorencia and Ashwill

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How We Met

I met Lorencia in early 2007, through her cousins which were very good friends of mine. I liked her because she had this kind personality which I found very adorable. It started off with me asking for her mobile number. We immediately clicked and started to text and hang out. We are completely different people, but found each other interesting at the same time; once we got to know one another. After several months of visits and social get-togethers, we fell in love. We were both only 18 at that time, therefore decided to take it slow. But since the age of 21, we became very serious about our relationship.

Why have I waited so long to ask her to marry me? We’ve been together for a very long time. But our relationship was long distance. We could only see each other over weekends and holidays due to work and location. But thanks to loyalty and perseverance; we managed to make the most of every opportunity. We matured a lot through time, come to think of all the obstacles we had to go through. We have more stability in our lives than it used to be a few years ago. Thus I couldn’t wait anymore longer to ask the big question.

how they asked

She wanted to do a City Sight Seeing Bus tour through Cape Town, during the December holidays. Lorencia mentioned that she wanted to get off at Kirstenbosch to spend some time at the gardens. This was perfect, because it gave me an idea to propose.

The day before the outing, my sister wanted to go for a manicure (which was actually planned), and asked Lorencia to accompany her and have her nails done too. This gave me enough time to purchase and prepare wooden letters, which I used for the proposal.

On the day of the proposal, I asked my sister and brother to prepare a surprise picnic, and to stick the wooden letters in the grass, so that it spells her name and marry me.

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And after several minutes of walking through Kirstenbosch, my brother texted me to confirm that everything is ready and that the photographer is hidden in position.

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I then walked her to the picnic spot. The letters spelling the big question literally took her breath away, I then bended the knee, took out the ring from my back pocket and asked; while the hidden photographer captured every moment and with bystanders applauding the occasion.

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