Loredana and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I first met back in high school, I was 14 years old and he was 15. Being that we lived three blocks away from each other we also took the bus together. From the first time I met Daniel I knew there was something about him, he was cute, funny, caring, loving and selfless we instantly clicked. It wasn’t soon after that we became best friends, spoke every second of the day told each other all of our girl/boy drama.

Speaking to him was just so easy, we got along and always looked forward to seeing each other on the bus to catch up and share all of the things that had happened that day, to hold hands and kiss on the back of the bus. I always got excited to see him because there was no one that made me feel the way he did. Being the cliche/stereotypical football player in high school the natural title was “player” and I wasn’t about it, so we decided to just keep the title of friends.

As the years went on we had moved on and both were in relationships, so naturally, we lost touch (still had a crush on him though haha!). Fast forward to almost 7 years later and I had ended the relationship that I was in and he was single, perfect timing one would think ( makes sense right???) not quite. I had just graduated college and I had just started seeing someone else he reached out to me on social media to catch up and to see how I’ve been.

Daniel asked for my number but because I’m not the type of girl to lead someone on or text two guys at the same time I completely ignored what he said and changed the subject. Once I knew that he was interested, I had told all of my best friends I was so excited, I knew that the there was no future with the guy that I had started seeing. My best friend and I came up with a mission, and it was to speak to Daniel. Once I had ended things with the other guy I had added Daniel on snap chat just to see if there was still a chance, sure enough, he snap-chatted me and once again asked for my number (perfect timing!!).

When he texted me he told me that he had my number all along and just wanted to see if I was interested enough to give it to him. We started talking and our first date was on Valentines Day. We picked up right where we left off, we just knew everything about each other, personalities, likes/dislikes, sense of humor, and knew exactly what we wanted.

how they asked

The last two years had been amazing but little did I know that Daniel had something up his sleeve. For anyone that knows me knows that I am a secret agent and EXTREMELY nosy. I for sure thought that when the time came that it would be impossible for Daniel or my family to get that passed me.

How could he possibly shop for a ring, ask my fathers blessing and plan an engagement without me knowing???? Well let me tell you, he did it!!! Two months ago we were trying to “plan” what we were going to do for my birthday this year he had mentioned that he wanted to plan a weekend for us to go out east somewhere and that it would all be a surprise, when he was telling me about this I could’ve sworn that he was proposing. After a few weeks of him convincing me that it was not happening until next year and doing my own investigation (finding nothing) I knew there wasn’t a chance.

Daniel didn’t give me any details of the weekend except that we were going to the vineyards, dinner, and a fun activity the day after. I know I’m not the only girl that would do this but I instantly started ordering new outfits for the vineyard, and dinner. The day before we were going he called me to tell me that we were doing a wine tour (I love wine tours) so naturally, I was so excited!!! On October 6, 2018, we got to Macari Vineyard (which is absolutely beautiful for those of you who have never been there!) they had my favorite wine ready for us, and we started the tour. Our tour guide Nicole showed up the most beautiful spots and left the best for last, “The Bluff” which overlooks the north fork sound. Nicole had told us that when we got to that spot there would be another couple that would be there who did the wine tour before us, she said she would pick them up, drop them off and then come back for us.

We got to “The Bluff” where we were overlooking the sound which was BEAUTIFUL!!!! We had our wine in our hands and were just taking in the beauty when Daniel suddenly asked for my wine glass, not knowing what was going on I questioned it, after giving him my glass he had me turn around to face him I was so confused that I started to panic. I asked him what was going on and he said “I have a surprise for you” then proceeds to say ” I know that we’re here for your birthday but were also here for something more special” I instantly knew what was happening, my legs went numb and I started to break out in hives, I completely blacked out and didn’t remember a word he said after that.

I blinked and he was on one knee asking me to marry him!!!! Surprisingly the “couple” that was there for the tour before us were really our photographers hiding out! I couldn’t have said YES fast enough!! We had lunch at the beautiful vineyard and then Daniel had planned with our moms to get both of our families to my house so that when we got there they would all be waiting. It couldn’t have been more perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing man.


Special Thanks

Teresa Geraghty
 | Photographer
 | Planning
Mom/ Future Mother in Law
 | Planning