Lora and Junior

how they asked

How We Met

I had been working as a cart girl at a popular golf course in the area. It had always been a bit rough for me being the only girl working at the company and mostly men coming to golf. After a few years of working at the golf course Junior was hired as a cart guy. He was so eager to help me with stocking my cart, getting ice, and pretty much anything he could to do be helpful. I was used to being hit on and he was the complete opposite and soon we became best friends.

I wasn’t used to someone doing anything so kind everyday expecting nothing in return. A couple months later I decided to ask him on a date where we went to the beach to a cave that I had been looking for. He had been before and took me on a hike down to the cave the next day. To our surprise there was a pod of dolphins swimming in front of us putting on an amazing show. Everything fell into place and that first date set the mood of something truly special.

how they asked

A year later I asked him if we could revisit the cave where we had our first date, which he said he had already planned on taking me there. We hiked down to the cave where we had our first date and he dropped down on one knee and nervously asked the best four word question there is, will you marry me?

Me and Junior

Lora's Proposal in Shell Beach, CA