Lora and Frank

How We Met

Frank and Lora met during their freshman year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They were placed in the same dorm and had a few mutual friends, but it wasn’t until the Parent’s Weekend football game that they really noticed each other. They hate to say it was love at first sight but there was very much an undeniable spark!

Frank didn’t waste much time asking Lora out on a date. He really turned up the charm and found the only dorm room with a kitchen to cook a home cooked meal. After that, he took her to a nearby field where they gazed at the stars for most of the night. It was very romantic!

Over the next four years, they enjoyed a myriad of sorority functions and formals, hiking excursions, snow days, and who could forget the day Frank finally taught Lora how to ride a bike?!

After graduating, Lora followed her dream job in Los Angeles while Frank continued his education at CU Boulder. Over the next two years they spent every other month traveling back and forth between LA and Boulder. They didn’t go more than 6 weeks without seeing each other but it was a true test of their relationship. They both agree that this time apart only made them stronger and it’s a true testament to their love and friendship.

Once Frank graduated with his Masters Degree, he took a job managing a lab at UC San Diego and Lora shortly moved from LA to work for a different radio group in San Diego.

They currently live in La Jolla and enjoy kayaking, fishing, beach volleyball, and of course, riding their bikes :)

Image 1 of Lora and Frank

how they asked

During a family vacation in New York City, Frank got down on one knee and asked Lora for her hand in marriage. Frank enlisted his sister to be the resident photographer. It truly was a picture perfect moment! After Lora said, “YES!”, they took a romantic stroll through Central Park where a local street performer started playing the Disney classic, “Someday My Prince Will Come” from Cinderella. It was one of those real life movie moments.

To make things even better, Frank had arranged for one of Lora’s best friends (and maid of honor), Stephanie to be waiting at the Bethesda Fountain to help celebrate. After a lot of happy tears, Lora noticed the rest of the Fields family on the other side of the fountain waiting to hear the good news. After many congratulations, everyone celebrated with an amazing lunch at The Boathouse in Central Park.

Image 2 of Lora and Frank

Image 3 of Lora and Frank


Special Thanks

Jenna Myer
 | Best Friend