Lonnie and David

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How We Met

He was 16, I was 17… he was the boy down the street. We both were so shy… and then a “so” called friend snatched him up cause I never had the guts to tell him I liked him.

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After 19 years, after going through my dad’s Facebook, David randomly thought of me, added me, I messaged him, and we talked for 9 hours through text. Then the next day he called and we talked all day, then he called me every break he got at work and asked to take me on a date. I hesitated at first after getting out of a terrible relationship weeks prior. But something in my head said go for it, that Friday night of our date, we both knew we belonged with each other. After dinner at Hull’s Landing, we stopped at Sheetz, and I couldn’t help but kiss him. Called it official that night. And inseparable since.

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how they asked

Easter morning, I come out of the bathroom… he is down on one knee in our living room with 4 of his children and my daughter all gathered behind him, as he is just in his boxers. All the kids with huge grins on their faces.

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