Romantic London Marriage Proposal

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Lewis and I met through mutual friends in a nightclub in Dubai where we live. We became friends first and then a few weeks later, over 4am fish and chips, we realized we liked each other as more than just friends. He asked me out on a date and over champagne cocktails in nobu, I realized I could fall in love with him, he was unlike anyone I’d ever met before!

All of this was actually only just under a year ago, our whole relationship has been a complete whirlwind and just wonderful. I know without a doubt, Lewis is the person that I am supposed to be with and I know he feels the same about me.

We were going to my family home in Scotland for Christmas and were super excited about a long holiday, we travel a lot but we both wanted to be with family over Christmas. We always have a few days in London when were are back in the uk and this time was the same. On our first night there, we had planned to see one of my best friends and she text me to say to meet at the south bank at the Christmas market at 7pm. I should have known something was going on when I put on a dress before going out and then took it off thinking I was too dressed up for a mere walk through the Christmas market but Lewis insisted I wear the dress. I work in fashion and am always dressed up without Lewis ever commenting on what I should wear so this was a rarity in itself!

We got to the Christmas market and had a mulled wine but there was no sign of my friend Elizabeth, after half an hour, I called her and she said she was caught up at work but would meet us along the south bank in a bar which is very unlike her – we usually never leave Mayfair and she is never late!

So we started to walk along south bank towards Big Ben and the London eye in the cold, wet rain whilst I moaned about her being late and the weather. It was very unlike Lewis to not listen to me (on this occasion I am glad however!) but he told me to keep walking. I did and as we walked along, I could hear carol singers singing ‘silent night’. He stopped just before the carol singers which he had actually booked and got down on one knee as Big Ben across the Thames chimed for 8pm and asked me to marry him with the most perfect 4.2 carat Cartier ring. As I said yes, the carol singers started to sing I wish you a merry Christmas which just captured the spirit of the moment!

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A few weeks before leaving Dubai, my brother who lives in the uk had sent us to get his now fiancée an engagement ring designed in our local jewelers and in there Lewis asked which style I liked for me, he remembered exactly what I had said and got me the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!

He had also booked a photographer to capture the whole thing.

We did end up meeting my friend afterwards who was of course in on the whole thing.

It was the most perfect moment of my life!

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Photos by Kari Bellamy