London and Jordan

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how we met

Jordan and I first met at Thanksgiving dinner shortly after he moved to Salt Lake City from Portland. I was maybe 15, with long blonde hair and said zero words to anyone at the table. Jordan was 23, in his dirty work clothes from working in the bakery at Harmons, and I had the biggest crush on him that evening. We were at his parents’ house for dinner, because our parents were friends. This was the only time we met before: I had to experience the ‘thank God I didn’t end up with that guy’ type of relationship, and terrible first dates, and we met again at the Harmons in downtown Salt Lake 7 years later. I was sure Jordan recognized who I was and didn’t say anything to me because he thought I was annoying… When in reality, we both thought of each other as ‘total babes’. I knew from my first day of work as a Kitchenware manager, that the bakery manager with an attitude was going to change my life. I spent the next few months trying to work up courage to flirt, which turned into constant joking during store meetings, and dreaming up scenarios where he actually asked me out.

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One day, I was planning to look at a new apartment to move into, but explained to a co-worker that I didn’t want to go by myself sit felt unsafe. Jordan walked into the office, and our co-worker volunteered him. We’ve been best friends in love every day since. It’s a good thing we were perfect for each other, as we moved in together a year later, and I started having health problems. After 2 surgeries, Jordan’s surgery, a herniated disc in my back, and more… I’ve been convinced Jordan is the most patient of Saints sent to me for great reason. Jordan had Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was a teenager, and it’s as if the whole experience made him understand what I’ve been through more than any doctor could.

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how they asked

Wanting to ask me to marry him for a while, the timing was never perfect with what was going on in our lives. We recently moved to St. George for Jordan’s career. Through the craze of moving, a new position at work, and a rather scary biopsy of mine, Jordan decided life wasn’t slowing down. He asked me to marry him on Christmas, unknowing of what could have been terrible biopsy results. Hours after opening our presents and relaxing into the evening, Jordan asked “What’s in the tree over there?”. I never saw it coming, and it was perfection.

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It was just us together, on Christmas, the holiday I’ve grown to love through Jordan singing carols all month. Neither of us having a large family nearby, while wanting something simple, decided Hawaii was going to be the perfect wedding-getaway after these past crazy years. We are so thankful to have a sunny, new life in St. George, and each other’s love for the rest of our lives! We couldn’t be more excited for every moment we get to share with each other, in sickness and in health.

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