Lollypop and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I met in highschool but it wasn’t until after going to University of California, Santa Barbara together did our friendship really start to grow some roots. In college we grew a very solid friendship and kept our distance of ever thinking it could be more. Over the years he became extremely close with my family and after we graduated he asked my parents if he could move into the our families guestroom until he got his feet on the ground. They had no issue because they loved him and they knew we weren’t interested in eachother and were dating other people so they weren’t concerned about any funny-business going on. During the time he lived in my family house we became inseparable, truly best friends and the first person I was ever be 100% authentic with which was a life changer.

Fast forward 9 months, my mother and I went to stay with family in Denmark for an extended period of time and after being there for a week the doorbell rings! Dylan had quit his job and traveled across the world to tell me he was totally and completely in love with me. Yes, my mother help coordinate… sneaky woman!

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He planned a trip for us two to Copenhagen and that is where a realised that I had a wall up with Dylan. I never thought we could be together because we were “just friends”. That trip changed my life… our lives. Shortly after, he got a job in San Francisco, CA and asked me to come and start a life in a brand new place with a promise of forever. Scared out of my mind I said yes! A year later, I’m engaged and couldn’t imagine my life without Dylan.

He now jokes that he was in it with the long game in mind… well Dylan the long game worked ;)

how they asked

I woke on Saturday with Dylan saying, “pack for the cold!” UHHH… I need more time than this!!! Being an organized planner myself this kept me on my toes! Surprise trips are completely out of the ordinary with Dylan so I did as he said knowing he had everything under control. But in the back of my head I thought, ” This is the weekend!!!!”

We started driving up Highway 1 from San Francisco and landed at Bodega Bay Lounge and Spa! After getting a couple massage in our room we went to the jacuzzi surrounded by snow and wine glasses in hand. Ended our Saturday night with the fireplace pumping, each other’s competitiveness in card games and no ring on my finger.

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Sunday came so quickly and to my knowledge we were on our way home after lunch. He pulled off road into a Ranch and said we were riding horses on the beach today! “He has to do it now… I mean it’s perfect!” After an amazing ride on the beach we left the ranch with sore butts and no ring.

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Dylan said we were going to end thing with dinner at the Farmhouse Inn. He was always wanted to eat here because of their Michelin Star restaurant so we pulled into the cutest Inn my eyes have ever set on and the young lady at the front askes, “here to check in?” Dylan’s response floors me, “Yes!” I had so many questions but I shouted a YAY instead!

Once we arrived to the room he sat me down and gave me a heart to heart about how he took me on this weekend to “buy himself time” because he couldn’t get my dream ring in time. The sincerity in his eyes and voice should have won him an Oscar! I was overjoyed with the amazing weekend with or without a ring and knew he was in it for the long hall.

Heading to dinner shortly after I had a calmness come over me knowing that the question would not be popped this weekend. We sat, laughed, ate too much and enjoyed being on a date with each other.

I opened up the door to our room and was overwhelmed by the red rose petals leading up to a already filled HOT bathtub, champagne and chocolates! Starting to cry and not thinking much more of it than what was in front of me I JUMP IN! We love baths and find that our best conversations happen during that time. Dylan joins me and after a while of sitting with each other he hands me a wash towel and tells me to put it over my eyes. My heart starts to race and he says, “I have one last surprise for you but I have to ask you a few questions before…..will you promise to be my best friend forever?”….I kind of blacked out until… “Will you marry me?” I screamed, YES!

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I always thought I wanted the elaborate engagement with family, friends and a professional photographer but that just wasn’t US! We were in our most vulnerable place with each other and it made it that much better! He planned and kept me on my toes the WHOLE weekend! Best weekend YET!

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