Lohitha and Mayur

How We Met

Our love story started 16 years ago when I was 15 and he was 16. Being teenagers and long distance at that time ( he lived in NJ and I from Long Island) we barely got to see each other. What we lacked in distance we made up with our hours and hours of conversations and laughter over the phone and the internet. We knew we had a special bond between us but we were in our prime of our teenage years that after a year we decided to go our separate ways and remain friends. Around that time Mayur used to wear a necklace that I asked to keep,he hesitantly gave it to me. Who would of knew that fate would bring us back together 15 years later and I still had his necklace saved away and gave it back to him on our first date (again) as adults!! When Mayur and I reconnected it felt like those beautiful conversations and happiness returned back into our lives. We never felt like we were apart for the 15 years in between, I think we both knew but didn’t say it to each other that we knew out of all the trials and tribulations we went through that our bond was inseparable. What’s meant to be will always be.

how they asked

Mayur and I have been going to my parents house on Long Island consecutively for the past couple weekends prior to the proposal. We always try to plan different things to do and experience on my home turf. The week of the proposal Mayur asked me if I had ever been to Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium on the Gold Coast of Long Island.. I replied no. He said he planned for us to go there because they had an “ Art & Dinner Gala Event” . This wasn’t that out of the ordinary for him to plan events such as this because he loves Art and we have been to some dinner events such as the one he was describing. The day of the proposal I wore heels not realizing that the whole walkway was cobblestone in the mansion! The security guard offered to take us down to the event in a golf cart, once we reached to the location.. right away I noticed something off. The next thing I knew we were walking down some steps and I saw the MARRY ME set up and at that moment after seeing him get down on one knee and asking me to be his bride, I said yes! Our bond has been 15 years in the making and we are looking forward to a lifetime full of laughter together!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Vanderbilt Museum & Planeterium

Lohitha's Proposal in Vanderbilt Museum & Planeterium

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