Logan and Spencer

Where to Propose in Sapphire Point, Dillon, Colorado

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I received a letter in the mail from my now fiancé, a few days before he asked me to marry him. It was so sweetly written and gave me instructions for the coming weekend, such as pack a bag for a one night stay and be ready by 8:00 am Saturday. When Saturday arrived we just started driving, and I had no clue where we were going. It was almost a little frustrating (haha). We kept pulling off the road to “check out the mountains” here in beautiful Colorado. By the third stop like this I said “I’ll just sit in the car and look. I’m cold.” Little did I know this spot was where he had a secret photographer hidden. When I finally got out of the car (I am so stubborn sometimes), we walk down this little path to a beautiful lookout spot called Sapphire Point. As I am looking at the gorgeous scenery, I turn around and my love is down on one knee. I was overwhelmed with joy!

Logan's Proposal in Sapphire Point, Dillon, Colorado

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