Logan and Ryan

Image 1 of Logan and RyanI arrived home to find a note on the white board that read, “1. Grab your skates 2. Dress Warm 3. Follow the lights”..

After putting on my winter gear that was laid out for me on the floor below the white board I went outside on our acreage and saw there was a string of lights leading behind the shop. I followed the lights with my skates in hand, the string of lights led me to a snow shovelled path through the trees and down to our pond.

When I walked down the hill I seen Ryan standing in the middle of the ice, full suit and tie, complete with skates. When I joined him at the bottom and got my skates on he started the music and swung me around the ice for a dance, as the song played he swung by a power bar and flicked it on, and all the trees around the ice and a home made chandelier in the middle of the ice light up my heart melted at the beauty of it.

When the song ended he backed up and pulled a letter out of his pocket, at the end of his letter he read “Family day only falls on the 16th (both of our lucky numbers) once every 6 years and I cant think of any other better day than today to make you my family”. As he got down on one knee he pulled that little box out of his jacket pocket and asked me to marry him.

Image 3 of Logan and Ryan

Image 2 of Logan and Ryan

Photos by Knorr Photography