Logan and Minday

how they asked

I started by planning months in advance and wanted to make it as special as possible so I came up with five surprises. Florida has became our home away from home we usually go there at lease two times a year, we usually stay around the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Surprise number one started as soon as we got the airport. I made all the trip plans so she didn’t even know that we were flying into Miami until we went to check in. When she asked why we were flying to Miami I told her to wait and see. From the airport we drove to Miami beach and we spent 5 days at the Loews Hotel Beach Resort. It was very nice, we had a great view of the ocean from our suite.

Image 1 of Logan and Minday

Surprise number two started on day two. I told Minday we needed to be up early and we were going on a road trip, I had to tell her just enough so she wouldn’t ask too many questions. Probably the most difficult decision was trying to tell her how to dress for the day. (No man wants to be responsible for that!) Neither one of us had been to Key West before so I thought it would be a great place to propose. The drive from the hotel was right at 3 hours which surprisingly went quick, it gave us time to just relax and talk a while.

Surprise number three started as soon as we arrived on the island of Key West. We went straight to the airport where the helicopter was waiting for us. I got us a private helicopter tour of the islands and can’t even tell you how amazing this was. Minday had said in the past that she had never been in a helicopter and ever since I was in the military I’ve had a love for them so I thought this would be a great way to start the day. The water around the islands is shallow and clear enough that you can see most of the larger sea life. Sharks, Sting Rays and even a couple ship wrecks were visible. The pilot was great, she was able to tell us a lot about the island. Highly recommend this to anyone visiting and wanting to do something different. Minday loved it!

Image 2 of Logan and Minday

We had about an hour to kill before the next surprise so we drove down to Duval St. and walked around and visited some of the local shops.

Surprise number four I drove us down to the pier and this is when my nerves really started kicking in!! I chartered us a private dinner cruise. We met the captain and first mate and didn’t waist any time getting out on the water. It was a little breezy when we went out but the captain found a nice spot along one of the islands and was able to get us out of the wind so we were able to enjoy being on top of the boat. He wasted no time getting our dinner started. I had talked to the captain weeks prior to the trip and decided on what we would eat for the evening. He cooked us a 5 course meal on the boat that was very very good!

Prior to us going out I had talked to the captain about how I wanted to propose. He asked if I wanted to do it before dinner and I said NO, I know Minday would probably be suspecting something was up by then and wanted to wait till sunset just to make her squirm a little. He was happy to help!

Sunset was getting closer and I knew the time was coming. The captain and first mate came up to the top of the boat and asked if he could take some pictures of us and use our camera. I told Minday to look at the pictures to make sure they were “ok” when she turned to look at the pictures that’s when I pulled out the ring and got down on one knee.

Image 3 of Logan and Minday

Image 4 of Logan and Minday

This was also planned ahead of time with the captain and it work perfect! When she turned around she was surprised to say the least! The first words out of her mouth was “Oh, You Liar”! “You said February”! (I had hinted around to a Valentines Day proposal just to mess with her a little)

I kept my proposal simple and asked her if she would marry me! I’m lucky, she said yes!

Image 5 of Logan and Minday

We stayed out on the water until about dark and headed back to the pier. Everything worked perfect!

We walked around a while after we got off the boat and decided to just head back to Miami. The three hour drive actually worked out perfect because this gave her time to tell friends and family the news and before we knew it, we were back to the resort.

Surprise number five she didn’t notice at first! I had red rose pedals throughout the room and a bottle of champagne waiting on us. She walked all the way into the room and didn’t notice the rose pedals till I was like mmmm did you even notice what you’re walking on lol! She was really happy and we had a good laugh about that.

Image 6 of Logan and Minday

All the planning and preparation was completely worth it. Everything worked perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.