Logan and Lauren

Logan's Proposal in Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

How We Met

Logan and I met many, many years ago in kindergarten. We grew up going to the same school until the day we graduated from high school. Logan was the biggest goof ball, and was the kind of guy everyone wanted to be friends with. He had the biggest heart and was always one to give a helping hand to anyone in need. No questions asked. We remained friends all through high school, but then lost touch once college came around. He attended The University of Florida for engineering and I went on to The University of Central Florida. A couple of years went by without much communication, but I definitely took notice of how handsome and grown up I thought he looked through stalking his Instagram page (I know such a millennial thing to say, but it’s true).

Flash forward to a day out on the boat with my two best friends and their boyfriends. We were discussing how I am always the 5th wheel and needed to find myself a great guy. We were talking about what kind of guy I needed and then all of a sudden my friend, Megan blurts out, “What about Logan?”. This was the first time I really thought of him in that way. We had always just been pals, but I always went on and on about how genuine of a guy he was and how he would be the “ultimate catch” for any girl. Once I get something in my head, I can’t drop it. So of course my two best friends and I started scheming a way for Logan and I to get in touch. Fortunately, my best friend’s boyfriend and Logan were roommates, so we planned to invite Logan to tag along with Austin and come down to visit Orlando the next weekend. He agreed to come, and I remember being so nervous about reconnecting. I wanted it to work out so badly.

The second he showed up to our house, it was like no time had passed and we connected instantly. He invited me to Anna Maria Island with his family the very next weekend for Memorial day and he asked me to be his girlfriend that same weekend. We have been inseparable ever since and have been together for 2 1/2 years.

how they asked

It was just another normal Tuesday for me. I woke up, got ready for work, and headed to the office like I would any other work day. My mom had called me that morning to see how my day was going, and she pointed out how gloomy I sounded that morning. “It’s just another Tuesday mom, my least favorite day of the week”. Little did I know, that particular Tuesday was going to be much more exciting than I had been anticipating.

The day prior, Monday the 17th, my boss called me into his office to speak with him about a favor he wanted to ask. He asked me if I would mind picking up the marketing director of a vodka company, and bringing her back to the office for a meeting with our operations team. We have a huge event we put on in the Spring of every year, and this vodka company was going to be one of our sponsors, so this was not out of the ordinary at all for me. My boss sent me “Misty’s” itinerary and told me she would be arriving on Delta in terminal B. He let me know that he gave her my number and let her know what kind of car I drove and that she would call me when she landed. Seemed legit to me.

The next day, I let Logan know that I would be making the drive to the Orlando airport and would call him when i made it back to the office. My boss came in that morning to make sure I was still good to pick up Misty at 1 o clock. Around 11, I headed to the airport because I wanted to make sure I was there early to endure she didn’t have to wait on me. I got there about a half hour early, so i went to the Cell lot waiting area to wait for her to call me. It was getting closer and closer to 1, but had yet to hear from her. My phone finally rang, but it was Logan calling. He was just checking in on me to see where I was at. He always calls me on his lunch break, so once again, I didn’t think it was weird that he was checking in. 1 o clock hit, and still no call, however I received a text message from my boss saying that she had landed. I was a little frustrated because I wanted to be there right when she got off so that she didn’t have to wait at all. I texted back and asked why she didn’t call. I let him know I had been there for a half hour and would have been ready if she called. He then texted back and said that her cell phone died and that she emailed him from her laptop that she landed. Of course I immediately thought, “don’t people travel with their chargers…” but I shrugged off the thought and headed to the pick up area to pick her up.

When I drove through, instead of seeing “Misty the director of marketing” I saw Logan!!!! I was literally so overwhelmed with emotion that I immediately started crying. I was so confused about it and then realized what was happening! He had planned this amazing surprise and had gotten my boss involved to completely throw me off. He had both of our bags packed and ready to go. My best friend and my mom both helped him pack my bag and pick out outfits so I felt better about that. :) I had no clue where we were going, or for how long, but I was on cloud 9. We are both really into the outdoors and love to hike so I thought that our destination would be somewhere we would both enjoy. We flew to Spokane Washington, and he finally let me know that our final destination was going to be Glacier National Park in Montana. The next morning, we went on a hike up Grinnell Glacier. Grinnell is actually my last name, so this was very special to me! On our hike, we came across the most breathtaking view and I asked Logan if he could set the tripod up so we could get a picture of the both of us. He did, and we took a couple of pictures. He asked to take one more, and I reluctantly agreed but my hands were literally about to freeze off at this point, and I was ready to get hiking again and warm up! He was up fidgeting with the camera and setting up the self timer, and of course, I impatiently yelled to him to hurry it up because I was about to freeze to death! LOL. When he ran back down, he took my hands and got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride and the tears started to fall. My best friend in the entire world had taken me on this amazing surprise adventure and asked me to be his wife on Grinnell glacier.

The proposal is something I will always hold so dear to my heart and I am so blessed to have such a story to share. We spent the rest of our trip exploring the beauty of Montana and just enjoying each other. Then when we returned home the surprises hadn’t stopped. The Sunday after we got back Logan, along with my mom and future mom in law, threw me the most gorgeous SURPRISE engagement party with all of my family and friends. It was basically the best week of my life!! We can’t wait to get married in March of 2020 :)

Logan and Lauren's Engagement in Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana