Logan and LaDarian

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How We Met

I can’t remember an exact moment when LaDarian and I met, I think being from a small town we kind of just knew who each other was. We had worked together for a few summers at the same country club, so we had our share of friendly “hello’s” and “how are you’s?” but not much more than that!

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During the start of our fifth summer working together, we ran into each other a few times at a local bar. We started talking more both at work and outside of work and later went on our first date at a local pizza spot (we’ve actually gone back and eaten at the same restaurant on the same day every year since!). Flash forward a bit and now it’s been over four years since that first date!

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How They Asked

LaDarian thought of everything! A few weeks before the proposal, LaDarian told me that his friend had recently told him about a bench that was placed in a local park in honor of the friend’s grandfather. He asked if we could go check out the bench one time when we were in the area and I agreed.

The first week of August, LaDarian and I had a vacation planned to Mexico. Two weeks before we left, LaDarian suggested that we go out to lunch the day before we leave so we can relax a little! I told him I’d probably be stressing over packing instead of relaxing, but asked if we could go back to the pizza spot where we had our first date since we would be out of town this year for when we usually go. The day before we went to lunch, LaDarian arranged for my friend and I to get our nails done since we were both heading off for a vacation in a few days.

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Saturday morning, LaDarian called and made our reservation for lunch and we headed down to St. Michaels. While looking for parking, he pointed out the park where the memorial bench for his friend’s grandfather was and we talked about going to look for it after we ate. Between looking for parking and summer traffic, we ended up eating 30-40 minutes after we planned to! We split a pizza, and once we finished lunch, we started to walk down to the park to see if we could find the memorial bench.

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As we got closer to the park, LaDarian started pointing out benches that he thought might be. He pointed to a pergula in the park and said he thought it might be under there. I couldn’t see any benches underneath the pergula, so I was a little confused, but as we got closer, he told me the memorial plaque might actually be on a brick and not a bench (which I later learned was just his way of trying to get us underneath the pergula). He pointed to the ground telling me he found it, and when I turned around he told me there really wasn’t any memorial or bench. He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend his life with me and dropped to one knee. I don’t remember all of what he said, but I know I said yes and turned my head when I heard a squeal from my sister! Image 9 of Logan and LaDarian

I looked over and saw my sister, my family, LaDarian’s family, our puppy, and our favorite photographer walking over towards us! We celebrated with our families and went home for some cake and champagne. It truly was the best day! We are so excited to start ours forever!

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