Logan and Devan

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How we met

Devan and I met our sophomore year of high school at a pool party. He dated some mutual friends of mine and we stay best friends all throughout high school. During our senior year of high school, we lost touch and drew apart. But on his birthday in 2014 we reconnected while bowling with some friends and he reached out to me when I was in need of a good friend and we had started spending time together almost everyday. It wasn’t until about 6 months later that we started talking about dating and almost a year later, engaged to my best friend. ?

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how they asked

Mykee Conway (Conway Captions) and I have been best friends since kindergarten and I always said that I wanted her there for my proposal so when Devan and I began talking about a possibly engagement, I told him, “Whatever you do, I want Mykee there!!” It has always been so important to me to have my best friend there and to also have it videoed. So Mykee asked to get our nails done and if she could take pictures for her portfolio at a new location she found. After we finished getting our nails done, we pulled up to the location and Mykee told me she was going to check to make sure it was the right location and for me to wait in the car because I was healing heels and she “didn’t want my feet to hurt”. She then called me to have me walk over and as we were walking, I heard our song, “from the ground up” playing and instantly knew it was happening.

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After the ring was on, all our family and some friends started cheering from the top of the hill and everyone made their way down to congratulate us. It truly was the best day of my whole life.

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Special Thanks

Mykalin Conway
 | videographer
Ashlyn Jensen
 | photographer